Massachusetts Taxpayers Spent More Than $1.5 Million On Abortion In 2020

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What do Massachusetts taxpayers pay for?

Roads, police, public schools, and … abortion?

In Massachusetts, that’s the case. Bay State taxpayers spent more than $1.5 million on abortion services in 2020, according to data obtained by NewBostonPost via a public records request to the state Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

The abortion services totaled $1,507,656.50. MassHealth paid for these abortion services; MassHealth is the state program that administers health care for poor people, including Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

A spokesman for the state agency said the agency doesn’t keep track of how many abortions the state pays for.

Massachusetts is one of 16 states in the country where the state’s Medicaid program pays for elective abortions. That’s the case despite the Hyde Amendment prohibiting federal funding for paying for elective abortion. 

Tom Harvey, chairman of the Massachusetts Alliance to Stop Public Funding of Abortion, told NewBostonPost that public funding of abortion stands in the way of building a culture in the Commonwealth that values human life.

“Abortion is the murder of the smallest and most helpless members of the human family. And yet here in Massachusetts, we taxpayers are forced to pay for it,” Harvey said by email. “Eliminating that requirement should be one of the first steps in restoring a culture of life in this state.”

Geoff Diehl, who’s running for the Republican nomination for governor in 2022, told NewBostonPost that public money could go to better use helping those in need.

“I stand with the majority of MA residents who don’t want their tax dollars used for these extreme laws. MA has a growing homeless population including our Veterans,” Diehl said in an email message. “Drug use and abuse is rampant. Let’s put that $1.5 million towards helping the most underserved in our community.”

The Diehl campaign cited a June 2019 poll from Susan B. Anthony List that expressed voter opposition to the ROE Act, which the state Legislature enacted late last year despite bipartisan opposition and a veto from the current governor, Charlie Baker. The poll showed that 62 percent of voters supported requiring parental consent for minors seeking abortion, 62 percent opposed allowing more late-term abortions, and 74 percent supported requiring third-trimester abortions to take place in hospitals.

Pat Stewart, executive director of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, told NewBostonPost that state law in Massachusetts has misplaced priorities. She said by email:


Massachusetts law exempts certain medical professionals and those applying to study in health-care fields from participating in abortion services if doing so violates their religious or moral convictions. There is no such accommodation for taxpayers, whose tax dollars pay for MassHealth-financed abortions. To remedy this inequity, Massachusetts Citizens for Life filed bill H.3005 to give taxpayers the option of redirecting their tax dollars from abortion funding to supporting the Baby Safe Haven Program. This will not reduce the amount of taxes collected; it merely grants taxpayers, who oppose abortion, the same conscience protection enjoyed by other Massachusetts citizens.


So why do Bay State taxpayers have to pay for other people’s abortions?

A 1981 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling (Moe v. Secretary of Administration and Finance) is the reason. The court decision came four years after the Doyle-Flynn amendment prohibited the Massachusetts state government from paying for abortions.

It’s unclear how many abortions have been performed since the court ruling in 1981 with public funds. The Executive Office of Health and Human Services told NewBostonPost in a letter that accompanied the public records request response that they do not keep track of that metric.

In 2017 and 2019, there were efforts spearheaded by the Massachusetts Alliance to Stop Public Funding of Abortion to get a question on the following November’s general election ballot to end the taxpayer funding of abortion in the state. However, the signature drives came up short.

A spokesman for Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts could not be reached for comment on Tuesday, nor could a spokesman for NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts.


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