Haverhill High School Fires Teacher Who Gave Dracut Students Controversial Sex Survey

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Eric Jackson’s tenure at Haverhill High School did not last long. 

The biology teacher was hired on August 30 and let go on September 10. The reason for his firing was the same reason that Dracut High School fired him last school year:  a controversial sex survey that school official say he handed out to students in Dracut.

Haverhill School Superintendent Margaret Marotta said the district took action when it found out about the survey.

“We learned about what happened on his last job after he was hired here and since we have 90 days to terminate an employee under the Massachusetts employee probationary period, we terminated his employment with the district,” Marotta told The Eagle-Tribune. “There were no incidents of concern while he was here.”

While Jackson didn’t give the survey to students in Haverhill, the school district found out about what he did at Dracut and decided that was reason enough to terminate him. 

The survey Jackson handed out to high school students last year is known as the “Sexual Temperament Questionnaire.”

The survey asks people to rank statements 0 through 4 depending with 0 being “not at all like me” and 4 being “Exactly like me.”

Here are statements listed on the survey for people to rank:


Unless things are “just right” it is difficult for me to become sexually aroused.

When I am sexually aroused, the slightest thing can turn me off. 

I have to trust a partner to become fully aroused.

If I am worried about taking too long to become aroused or to orgasm, this can interfere with my arousal.

Sometimes I feel so “shy” or self-conscious during sex that I cannot become fully aroused.

Often just how someone smells can be a turn on.

Seeing a partner doing something that shows his/her talent or intelligence, or watching them interacting well with others can make me very sexually aroused.

Having sex in a different setting than usual is a real turn on for me

When I think about someone I find sexually attractive or fantasize about sex, I easily become sexually aroused.

Certain hormonal changes definitely increase my sexual arousal.

I get very turned on when someone wants me sexually.


The survey comes from a 2015 book titled Come as You Are:  The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life, by Emily Nagoski. NewBostonPost obtained the complete survey from Nagoski’s web site.

It’s unclear what the questionnaire had to do with the curriculum that Jackson was teaching in Dracut at the time.

School officials in Dracut have said they did not authorize the survey and do not approve of it.

“Late Friday afternoon the district became aware that a teacher at Dracut High School had distributed a highly inappropriate survey to students,” Dracut High superintendent Steven Stone told Newsweek in a statement this past May. “The district takes the health and well-being of students most seriously and has initiated a review of the matter. The teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending that review. Because this is a personnel matter, I cannot comment further at this time.”

Jackson could not immediately be reached for comment on Monday, September 20.


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