North Adams Teaching 12-Year-Olds To Use Largely Unavailable Saran Wrap For Non-Reproductive Sex Acts

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Should public schools teach 12-year-olds about non-reproductive sex acts like oral sex and mouth-to-anus contact? 

And if they teach children about these things, should they tell them they can use a product that isn’t sold in stores but closely resembles another product that stores sell and people keep in their households?

That’s what’s happening in the North Adams public school district in northwestern Massachusetts. The district teaches seventh graders at Drury High School to use non-microwavable plastic wrap in lieu of a dental dam for the aforementioned sex acts.

NewBostonPost found out via a public records request that the school district uses the first edition of the Get Real sex ed curriculum developed by the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts in 2014. It’s the older version of the abortion giant’s sex ed curriculum; most schools that use the curriculum use the second edition that came out in 2018.

One major difference between the two editions is in the section about how to properly use dental dams. Massachusetts Family Institute president Andrew Beckwith wrote a column for NewBostonPost about the first edition curriculum back in 2017. He noted that the workbook said that people could “also use non-microwavable saran wrap” instead of a dental dam — something that’s used to prevent the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases during some non-reproductive sex acts.

However, non-microwavable plastic wrap does not appear to be widely available in stores. A NewBostonPost reporter visited a Star Market, Roche Bros, Stop & Shop, 7-Eleven, and Target recently and could not find the product. A Google search for “non-microwavable saran wrap” mostly brings up results for its use in non-reproductive sex acts. All of the shop results that pop up when making the search are for microwave-safe saran wrap.

Microwave-safe saran wrap is far more common — but some experts don’t recommended using this type of wrap for these acts for anyone of any age, because it’s porous.

A spokesman for the American Chemistry Council, a trade association that includes manufacturers of plastics, told NewBostonPost on Friday that non-microwavable saran wrap is still made and is available to purchase online.

The Planned Parenthood Action web site acknowledges that microwavable saran wrap is not sufficient as a barrier to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. It says that “microwave-safe Saran Wrap has tiny pores to let out steam — which might also let viruses and bacteria through.”

Proponents of using microwave-safe saran wrap say that the pores are too small for the viruses to transmit through.

Some opponents say that whatever the possible physical effects of using plastic wrap in this fashion may be, it’s a bad idea to tell kids they should consider doing so.

Mary Ellen Siegler of the Massachusetts Family Institute told NewBostonPost that whether the plastic wrap advice is scientifically advisable or not, she doesn’t think the Get Real curriculum is appropriate for 12-year-olds.


Planned Parenthood’s Get Real curriculum sexualizes young students by normalizing teen sexual activity, STIs and abortion. An organization who is O.K. with taking away the right to life for vulnerable unborn babies under the guise of a women’s right to choose, should not be entrusted with the education of impressionable children under the guise of providing comprehensive education. Planned Parenthood profits from unplanned pregnancies and from treating STIs. Why in the world would we allow them to educate our children about sex? Comprehensive sexuality education programs like Get Real groom children to become sexually active and sets them up for physical, emotional, and spiritual harm. Teen sexual activity is always high risk activity, even with the use of contraception and condoms. Both have a higher than normal failure rate among teens. Planned Parenthood knows this and they take advantage, so they can turn our children into customers.


So why was the saran wrap advice removed from the curriculum in Get Real’s second edition? And why does the North Adams school district use the older version?

That remains unclear.

North Adams public schools superintendent Barbara Malkas could not be reached for comment on Wednesday or Thursday last week. Nor could a spokesman for Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts.


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