Ben Affleck Says He’s Glad He Didn’t Run For Congress In 2018

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Who would you rather have as the U.S. representative in the Massachusetts Seventh Congressional  District: Ayanna Pressley (D-Hyde Park), or actor Ben Affleck?

The Good Will Hunting actor revealed in a recent interview that he briefly considered running for the U.S. House seat in the Seventh District against then-incumbent Michael Capuano (D-Somerville).

However, Affleck, a liberal Democrat originally from Cambridge, decided against running. In retrospect, he thinks it was a good decision — because he thinks he would have lost to Pressley and Capuano in the primary.

“She probably would have beat my [expletive], so I’m glad I didn’t run,” Affleck recently said, according to Business Insider. “Even though she’s from Ohio, I have a feeling she would have cleaned my clock.”

Pressley beat Capuano 58.5 percent to 41.3 percent in a head-to-head Democratic primary in 2018; Capuano had been the incumbent since 1999.

Affleck explained that, at the time, that wasn’t his reason for not running. Rather, he just didn’t want to be a member of Congress, understanding that much of the job is raising money to run in the next election. 

“I looked at the life of people in Congress and it was a constant process of glad-handing, begging for money, and being beholden to people,” he said. “It’s so depressing.”

Affleck campaigned on behalf of then-Massachusetts U.S. Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004. Affleck said that he supported same-sex marriage and opposed the Iraq War, and that he felt that Republican president George W. Bush’s views on both of those issues were wrong.


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