Five Best Things Ron DeSantis Has Done

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Many conservatives across the country are fans of Ron DeSantis — and rightfully so.

DeSantis, 43, is a strong conservative and someone who could play a major role in the future of the Republican Party.

He’s a U.S. Navy veteran, a former member of Congress (2013-2018), and the current governor of Florida. Elected in 2018, he’s up for re-election in November 2022.  He’s leading in the polls.

Here is a look at five of the best policies DeSantis has gotten enacted or lent support to:


1.    E-Verify

Governor DeSantis signed into law mandatory E-Verify in Florida in July 2020. As a result, employers in Florida must use a federal database to confirm that everyone they hire is eligible to work in the United States and is here legally. It’s a way to deter companies from hiring illegal immigrants.

It’s too bad that former President Donald Trump never enacted E-Verify nationwide when he had Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress, but impressive that DeSantis got it done in a large state.


2.    Abortion Restriction

Thanks to Governor DeSantis, an underage girl seeking an abortion in Florida must have consent from at least one of the her parents. He signed that bill into law in July 2020. It shows DeSantis cares about the pro-life cause because this is one modest way to prevent some abortions from happening.

Parental consent laws are thought to reduce the abortion rate among minors by about 10 to 20 percent.


3.    Expand School Vouchers

Governor DeSantis wants to make sure that lower-income Floridians have the opportunity to get a quality education. He signed a bill into law in May 2021 that made 50,000 more students eligible for private school vouchers.

The bill repealed a voucher program designed specifically for special needs students and transitioned those students into the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program, which also includes non-special needs students. While priority goes to families making 185 percent of the federal poverty level or less, those earning up to 375 percent of it are eligible for it, as well.


4.    Transgender Sports Ban


Governor DeSantis stands up for biology. On June 1, 2021, the first day of so-called “Pride Month,” he took action. He signed a bill preventing biologically male students from playing girls sports in Florida.

DeSantis must have an understanding of why girls and boys don’t play on the same school sports teams under normal circumstances:  so that girls can have a chance to succeed because boys tend to be bigger, faster, and stronger than girls.


5.    Anti-Income Tax

As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, DeSantis supported FairTax. This initiative would repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, abolishing income and corporate income tax, employment taxes, and estate and gift taxes. Instead, it would create a national sales tax.

That would give people more money to pay bills and basic living expenses by not immediately taking money from their paycheck before they ever see it. Additionally, it would encourage people to save their money, building up their bank accounts.  Expect the economy to soar if the income tax that currently shackles it were eliminated.

Why is it called “fair”?  A national sales tax would hit rich people harder than poor people, because rich people tend to buy expensive things that would be taxed at a higher rate – without the kind of loopholes the current income tax system has for those with enough assets and good accountants.

Even more important:  Taxation would be largely voluntary.  Want to minimize the tax?  Don’t buy expensive things.  Want to buy expensive things?  Pay the tax.


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