Massachusetts Bookstore Selling Pro-Abortion Children’s Book To Fund Abortions

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A bookstore in Greenfield, Massachusetts is selling a book designed to normalize abortion to children as young as eight years old and using the profits to fund abortions.

The Imaginary Bookshop announced on Instagram its decision to sell the book What’s An Abortion, Anyway. The bookstore also announced it plans to donate 50 percent of the profits from the book’s sales to an abortion fund.

“The Roe vs Wade news is tragic. Abortion is critical healthcare,” The Imaginary Bookshop said in its Instagram post last week. “We’re donating via and hope you might, too. We’re also stocking up on this excellent book & will donate 50% of its profits to an abortion fund.”

The “excellent book” pictured in the post is What’s An Abortion, Anyway

An abortion fund is an organization that helps pay for women’s abortions if they’re uninsured or their health insurance plan doesn’t cover abortion. (Medicaid covers abortion in Massachusetts.)

The author and illustrator of the book – Carly Manes and Mar Erazo, respectively – previously said they created it because there are no books about abortion aimed at people under 13 years old in the United States. They also said that they want to make abortion seem normal to children.

“We believe in building a world for kids and adults where abortion is normalized as another outcome of pregnancy, just like miscarriage and birth,” Manes and Erazo wrote on their Kickstarter page last year. “Having this book in the children’s section of libraries next to all of the books about pregnancy is one of the ways we hope to do that.”

Manes’s Twitter bio says that the book is a “gender inclusive and medically accurate picture book about abortion care for little ones 8+.” By that, she means she thinks the book is appropriate for eight-year-olds.

The book uses three pages to tell children:  “Some people have abortions because they can’t take care of a new baby right now. Some people have abortions because their doctors say pregnancy could make them sick. No matter the reason, everyone should be able to make this decision for themselves.” 

It also tells children that getting an abortion can make someone feel happy.

“People have many different feelings before, during, and after their abortion,” the book says. “Some people want to talk about it, and some people don’t. Some people feel happy or calm. Some people feel sad or lonely. Many people feel all of these things at the same time.”

So how does the book describe abortion?

“An abortion is when someone decides to stop growing their pregnancy,” the book says. “There are many different ways that people who are pregnant can have an abortion. 

“Some people see a doctor who does a special procedure to remove the pregnancy from inside a person’s body,” it states. “Other people take medicine to stop the pregnancy from growing bigger.”

Crista DeRicco, a co-owner of The Imaginary Bookshop, told NewBostonPost that the book will play a vital role in teaching children about abortion.

“We were so excited to find this book — it’s a really great resource for families to help them talk with their children about what abortion is and why it’s critical healthcare that should be protected,” DeRicco said by email earlier this week.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life executive director Pat Stewart previously told NewBostonPost that the purpose of the book is to mislead children on abortion and that it has no place anywhere.

“The book’s authors sidestep the truth in describing abortion because they know the truth creates an image that is too horrific for a reader to bear,” Stewart wrote in an email message this past March. “In disseminating the book, the abortion clinic obviously understands this. Its collaboration in warping the minds of the young to accept a mother’s intentional killing of her baby as ‘normal’ is not education; it is pure evil.”


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