Salem’s Mayor Posed With A ‘My Body, My Choice’ Poster This Past Weekend; That’s Rich

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If you didn’t know that liberals are for abortion, they reminded us this past weekend.

Politicians in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts had one big virtue signal by attending “Bans Off Our Bodies” protests across the state. It comes in response to the leaked draft opinion that showed the federal Supreme Court’s intention to overturn Roe v. Wade, sending abortion law (mostly gestational limits) back to the states.

Various politicians showed up to these events – including U.S. Representative Jake Auchincloss (D-Newton), Massachusetts attorney general Maura Healey (a Democratic candidate for governor), and Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll (a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor), among others.

Like the other politicians, Driscoll announced her presence at one of these events on social media. She tweeted:  “Out here on a beautiful day in Boston common fighting for abortion rights. It’s on us to ensure they are protected here in Massachusetts.”

Her tweet included four pictures. One of them was her posing for a photo with people holding signs that said “my body, my choice” and another with a coat hanger that said “never again.”

There is so much here. 

First and foremost:  Let’s not use Holocaust-related slogans when talking about abortion; “Never again” is a Holocaust reference. Regardless of where you stand on abortion, we’re all better off laying off the Holocaust on this one.

Second:  Doctors performed most illegal abortions back when abortion was illegal, as The New York Times admits. No one has died of an illegal abortion in Texas since the state enacted its six-week ban in September 2021. So liberals should put their coat hangers back on the coat rack. 

Third, abortion law sadly won’t change in this state in the foreseeable future; the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court invented a right to abortion in this state in 1981. John Adams didn’t mention in the state constitution; no one has added anything about abortion to the constitution since then; but the justices somehow found it there, anyway.

We haven’t had a good governor in 40 years, so no one is appointing good judges that would flip that ruling. Our state legislature left sanity behind sometime ago, so there are no pro-life bills in the offing.

But the part that’s most fascinating here:  Driscoll posing with someone holding a “my body, my choice” sign. 

That’s rich.

Driscoll doesn’t care about bodily autonomy. If she did, she would not have gone out of her way to make life difficult for people who didn’t want to put something in their bodies last winter.

As some of our readers may recall, Salem had a coronavirus vaccine passport in place from mid-January 2022 to early February 2022. — something Driscoll took credit for. The vaccine passport applied to indoor entertainment/recreational/event venues, indoor food services, and indoor gyms/fitness settings.

Yep, from January 15 to February 8 — 24 days — Salem residents were kept “safe” by the mandatory vaccine.

Then the facts changed. Not the virus facts. The political facts. Politicians decided the politics of coronavirus restrictions was negatively affecting them. Some of them decided they needed to shift their emphasis if they wanted to run for higher office. 

Did the vaccine mandate ever make sense?


Did it show respect for freedom?


If someone believes in mandating that people have to inject a vaccine into themselves, then that person doesn’t care about other people’s bodily autonomy.

The argument in favor of vaccine passports is usually something to the effect that they prevent the spread of the virus, protect people, and save lives.

Now, I agree that getting vaccinated against coronavirus is good; I’ve done it three times and would generally encourage others to get vaccinated.

That’s a far cry from trying to force everyone else to do it, though.

To be sure, bodily autonomy is not everything. But irony-proof liberal politicians ought to consider their position.

Every successful abortion kills a human being. It’s a horrific act of killing perpetrated against some of the most vulnerable members of our society. 

And yet, we live in a state where we have politicians out protesting in favor of keeping this killing legal. Since this awful Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973, more than 62 million unborn children have been killed via legal abortion in the United States.

Science proves that human life begins at conception. So does common sense. A 2019 University of Chicago study found that 95 percent of biologists agree that “a human’s life begins at fertilization.” That’s about the same as the number of scientists who correctly state that global warming is real, according to a study by George Mason University. 

So for politicians like Driscoll, it’s a matter of bodily autonomy when it comes to ripping a child apart limb by limb, crushing the child’s skull, killing the child, and throwing the child in a dumpster, or injecting the child with poison and burning the child alive with chemicals.

Politicians don’t want to talk about that, though. They’d rather use terms like “choice” and “reproductive rights” and other euphemisms for killing to defend their ugly stances. Or they’d rather attack pro-lifers who don’t want to kill babies in the womb – and then straw-man about how these people don’t support X, Y, and Z social programs.

As it happens, pro-lifers have a wide array of opinions on other issues but are united in their opposition to abortion – much like how people on different sides of the gambling, marijuana, and transgender debates hold differing political views on other issues.

Whatever your position on social spending, though, it doesn’t change the central fact of abortion:  A baby is going to die.

Why is that justified?

Bodily autonomy, we’re told. The bodily autonomy — of the mother, not the baby inside her — is too important.

Other kinds of bodily autonomy?

Not so much.

What does Driscoll think about Beverly Hospital firing current Republican lieutenant governor candidate Leah Cole Allen (a nurse) because she didn’t get vaccinated against coronavirus?

So far Driscoll has said nothing.

Is that because Allen’s bodily autonomy doesn’t matter?

And it’s not just vaccines on which abortion-friendly politicians are often hypocrites on the bodily autonomy issue. As NewBostonPost has previously covered, many politicians don’t care about bodily autonomy on many other issues. Several examples include: mask mandates, the alcohol and tobacco ages (now 21, formerly 18), flavored tobacco, vaping, drug legalization, prostitution, euthanasia, organ sales, piercing baby’s ears, and circumcising infants, as well as teen-agers donating blood or using a tanning bed, among others. 

There’s no consistent “my body, my choice” argument out of most of these people. They make little attempt at logic. They don’t care about logic. They just care about abortion.

It’s the ugliest thing in our society. But they’re all for it — and reason and logic be damned.


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