Newburyport Dance For High Schoolers Featured Drag Queen DJ

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A drag queen performed for high schoolers in Newburyport this past weekend.

The Over The Rainbow dance featuring a drag queen disc jockey took place at the St. John’s Lodge on Green Street on Friday, May 13.

The Masonic-run lodge backed out a couple of weeks before the events due to complaints, but reversed course the week before the event.

The event, put together by Newburyport Youth Services, featured a drag queen called Miz Diamond Wigfall.

People complained about the drag queen’s social media activity.

The drag queen’s Instagram account had pictures of the man in various states of undress, including wearing a thong and fully nude with his back side visible. It also had photos of him smoking marijuana.

Massachusetts Family Institute communications director Mary Ellen Siegler told NewBostonPost that someone like this should not perform for children. 

Here is what she said:


Drag queens are adult dancers whose performances are highly sexual. They should not be given a platform at an event for minors. Our kids are already overly sexualized through media, comprehensive sexuality education curriculum being taught in schools, and by special interest groups embedding themselves in public education. A taxpayer funded department of the city of Newburyport should not be hosting events that sexualize children. And to claim that drag queens adjust performances for minors, as proponents say, is an incredibly naïve argument in defense of these kinds of events for youth. As soon as kids are introduced to Mizz Diamond Wigfall they will visit his Instagram page which has nude and inappropriate photos on it. They will also search for his video performances online and be exposed to highly sexualized content. Inviting him to an event for minors is highly irresponsible.


A spokesman for Newburyport Youth Services could not immediately be reached for comment on Thursday.


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