Healey Doctrine and the Outrageous Attacks On Crisis Pregnancy Centers

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If Massachusetts were a healthier society, Maura Healey would be fielding questions about whether she plans to resign as the state’s attorney general.

Around midday Wednesday, Healey’s office put out a “warning” against crisis pregnancy centers because they don’t offer abortions.

Fifteen hours later, two of them in Worcester were hit with vandalism, including broken glass and graffiti.

Are the statement and the subsequent attacks related?

Tough to say. Hard to see anyone following Maura Healey.

But it’s the thought that counts.

At a time when crisis pregnancy centers are being attacked by terrorists all across the country, Healey saw fit to pile on. The statewide law enforcement officer of Massachusetts issued a “consumer advisory” not against predators, but against victims.

Her statement on Wednesday would be outrageous if we were talking about widget-makers under attack. If that were the case, the proper course would be something along the lines of “We are all widget-makers now” … or at least silence.

But no, these aren’t widget-makers. They are volunteers, mostly women, who give their time and their money to help some of the neediest people in our society — women who are dealing with a problem pregnancy. These volunteers offer practical products like diapers and formula as well as advice about what’s best for the women they see. Some offer ultrasounds, so a pregnant woman can have all the information she needs to determine the nature of her options.

Every woman in our society is free to walk in, and free to walk out. No one is forced to do anything.

And yet Healey issues a statement saying …

“We want to ensure that patients can protect themselves from deceptive and coercive tactics when seeking the care they need.”

Deceptive and coercive tactics.

How many examples of deceptive and coercive tactics did Healey provide in her 768-word press release?

It’s a round figure. Halfway between negative 1 and 1.

So why would she say such a thing?

She likes abortion. We get that. As ugly as it is, she’s all for it.

She doesn’t like crisis pregnancy centers, or pro-life organizations more generally. We get that. While these volunteers are doing God’s work, she either doesn’t see it or doesn’t care.

But why go out of the way to target people who are doing nothing wrong and are being targeted by destructive criminals?

After the Worcester attacks a spokesman for Healey issued a statement:  “We condemn all forms of violence and destruction of property within our communities. Our office will continue to focus on ensuring that patients seeking abortion care are safe and well-informed about their options.”

This is the rhetorical equivalent of “You better put some ice on that.”

Nothing specific about the suffering of the victims. Another non-substantiated dig at the victims.

What’s currently going on around the country is concerted and at least semi-organized. The incidents range from annoying and menacing to terrorizing. All cost money and peace of mind.

Most, like what happened in Worcester, consist of broken glass and graffiti.

Yet since the leaking of the draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade on May 2, several crisis pregnancy centers have been hit with arson or attempted arson, including in New York, Colorado, Oregon, and Tennessee. They are among at least 35 crisis pregnancy centers– 33 before the attacks in Worcester – that have sustained late-night property damage from pro-abortion thugs.

Other pro-life organizations have been hit with firebomb attacks, including in Wisconsin and Oregon.

Do these attacks fall under what we might call the Healey Doctrine?

The one that suggests that under some circumstances arson might be beneficial?

As you may recall, in June 2020, amid widespread intentional fires being set in various places in the country by left-wing mobs, Healey gave a public speech that ended with these words:

“Yes, America is burning. But that’s how forests grow.”


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