Bill Galvin Claims Donald Trump Will Try To Steal The Next Presidential Election

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Does former President Donald Trump want to rig a presidential election in his favor?

Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth Bill Galvin says so; he made the claim in a primary campaign ad.

Galvin’s ad featured a dancing Trump and then goes on to make the claim. 

“He’s got a plan to steal the next election, and I’m gonna take him on because my job is to protect your vote,” Galvin said in the ad. “That’s why I fought for making no-excuse voting by mail permanent. And I put in place automatic voter registration and oversaw record-breaking turnouts that have been called a model for the nation. Your vote counts. And I have the experience, innovative ideas, and guts to protect your vote and our democracy.”

Trump served as president for one term (2017 to 2021). It’s unclear if he will run for president again, although he has hinted that he may.

After the 2020 presidential election, Trump disputed the election results and claimed that he was the true winner and that the election was rigged against him. His opponent in 2020, Joe Biden, a Democrat, won the election and is the current president. However, Trump is eligible under the U.S. Constitution to serve one more term as president, if elected.

Galvin beat NAACP Boston attorney Tanisha Sullivan in the Democratic primary September 6, 70 percent to 30 percent. He is running against Republican nominee Rayla Campbell of Randolph in the November general election. 

Galvin isn’t the only Massachusetts politician to say a Republican politician may try to rig a future election.

U.S. Representative Jake Auchincloss (D-Newton) made a similar claim last year, as NewBostonPost previously reported. He said that if the federal government does not pass H.R. 1 — the Democrats’ voting bill — then he thinks that Republicans could steal an election in the way that former President Donald Trump claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

Auchincloss said:


Unfortunately, we just can’t wait for a few senators to do the right thing when it comes to voting rights. I think we need a White House conference on voting rights and election integrity that brings together, yes, Congress, but also the private sector, nonprofits, state and local activists, and NGOs — because what we’re seeing, I think, is actually the undermining of fair and free elections in some of these states:  Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona. If we let this go unchecked in ’24 and ’28, we’re going to see an actual stolen election — not Donald Trump’s figment of an imagination, but an actual stolen election in those states. And we need to bring corporate influence to bear. We need to bring state and local activism to bear to force state officials to do the right thing because we cannot wait just for federal action.


Some of the changes that H.R. 1 would make to voting laws include:  nationwide automatic voter registration, requiring states to allow universal mail-in voting, allowing ballots to be counted everywhere even if received 10 days after an election, and allowing convicted felons to vote.

Supporters of H.R. 1 say they are trying to increase access to voting to improve voter participation rates. Critics of H.R. 1 say Democrats are seeking to corrupt the country’s elections to get more power.

A spokesman for Galvin could not be reached for comment on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday this week. Nor could a spokesman for Auchincloss.


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