Twelve Questions NBC 10 Boston Should Ask In Tonight’s Massachusetts Gubernatorial Debate

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Former state representative Geoff Diehl (R-Whitman) and Massachusetts Democratic attorney general Maura Healey are debating tonight.

The Republican and Democratic nominees for governor are set to debate on liberal-leaning NBC 10 Boston at 7 p.m. Wednesday, October 12.

The station is accepting suggestions for questions. Here are 12 that should be asked:


1.  (For Maura Healey) — Attorney General Healey, in June 2020, you defended the burning and looting of cities conducted by some Black Lives Matter protesters across the country. You told the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce in a Zoom meeting  “Yes, America is burning, but that’s how forests grow.” Why did you say that and do you stand by your comment?

2.  (For Geoff Diehl) — Massachusetts used to allow Catholic Charities to facilitate adoptions, but froze them out of the adoption business by demanding the organization go against their religion’s principles and beliefs by arranging for adoptions by same-sex couples. Would you support allowing the Catholic Church to resume adoption services, if they wish to do so?

3.  (For Maura Healey) — You support the so-called Fair Share Amendment, which would increase the state income tax rate on personal incomes exceeding $1 million from 5 percent to 9 percent. What would the effect on the state’s economy be if millionaires and billionaires leave Massachusetts?

4.  A July 2022 YouGov poll found that 51 percent of Americans want to see the government reduce the number of abortions that take place in the United States, while just 18 percent want the number to stay the same and 8 percent want it to increase. Do you think reducing the number of abortions is a worthwhile goal and if so, what steps would you want to do to make it happen in the Commonwealth?

5.  What is a woman?

6.  College tuition marches steadily on and state colleges and universities are hiking tuition just about every year. Without referring to the federal government, what steps would you take to reduce the costs of higher education to lower tuition?

7.  (To Maura Healey) You told critics of the bathroom bill in 2016 that women who are uncomfortable with being in the bathroom with men should not use public restrooms. In fact, you told them to “hold it.”  Do you regret that line, and should people be worried that you offered such a callous dismissal of the concerns of people who disagree with you on a public policy matter?

8.  Given the measurable and measured terrible effects on mental health, substance abuse, and education, would you ever shut down government and commerce like we saw done in the spring of 2020, under any circumstances? If so, which circumstances?

9.  What should be done to reduce substance abuse and premature death caused by substance abuse — be it alcohol, tobacco, or drugs — in the Commonwealth? Since the state government benefits from the use and abuse of certain harmful substances through taxes, would you prioritize people over revenue?

10.  Massachusetts has the most restrictive public records laws in the nation. What would you do to open up the government?

11.  For the sake of transparency, would you make the executive branch of state government subject to public records requests?

12.  The city of Boston has a drug problem on what’s known as Methadone Mile, or Mass and Cass.  Without using a single platitude or personal anecdote, what should be done to mitigate this disastrous situation?


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