UMass Dartmouth Creates Pronoun Database For Students

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University of Massachusetts Dartmouth students can now change their pronouns and other parts of their identity on a school-wide database.

The school’s President’s Office, Office of Student Affairs, and University Registrar launched its Inclusive Identity Project last month. The project launched on October 18, 2022, according to the web page’s source coding:



The Identity Project allows students to change their preferred pronouns, name, sexual orientation, and gender identity at the school. 

“UMass Dartmouth strives to be an inclusive community where all are welcomed regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or background,” the Inclusive Identity Project announcement page says. “Our mission is to promote and foster a university community that understands, respects, and values diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

“This project and the data collected will assist the university in designing, delivering, and promoting customized programs, services, and resources that support ALL students,” it adds later.

The Inclusive Identity Project gives students a wide range of pronouns to choose from.

The available pronoun combinations include:  he/him, he/she, she/her, he/they, they/them, he/ze, ze/hir, she/they, she/ze, and they/ze.

“As a society, we commonly assume the gender of others by their appearance and indicate these assumptions by using gendered language, such as she/he, ma’am/sir, Ms./Mr., and ladies/gentlemen,” the school’s web site says. “This practice results in many individuals, especially trans and gender-nonconforming individuals, being misgendered, which can make them feel marginalized and/or invisible. As an institution committed to the inclusion of historically underrepresented groups and ensuring a respectful, safe, and inclusive campus for all members of the community, UMass Dartmouth is working to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to indicate their pronouns and have their pronouns respected.”

These updated pronoun preferences will appear on class rosters, advisee lists, in the student center, and on other administrative pages, according to the web site.

The page informs students of how they can change their pronouns.

It tells them to log into the Computing and Information Technology Services (known as COIN) Student Center. It then tells them to click on “Personal Information” and then “Pronouns.” Then, the site gives students a chance to either add or edit their pronoun preferences.

UMass Dartmouth is a public college in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, with an enrollment of about 7,700 students. The town of Dartmouth is a coastal community in Bristol County that borders on Buzzards Bay, with a population of 34,000 people; it’s in the South Coast region of the state.

A spokesman for UMass Dartmouth could not be reached for comment on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. 


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