Brookline Town Hall Men’s Bathroom Stocked With Menstrual Products

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If you ever need menstrual products, try stopping by the men’s bathroom at Brookline Town Hall. 

That’s because the men’s bathroom is stocked with them, as a NewBostonPost reporter recently confirmed.

A NewBostonPost reporter traveled to the town hall after receiving tips that Brookline stocks its public bathroom with such products.

The men’s bathroom on the first floor of the building featured a dispenser with two buttons. One of the buttons has an image shaped like a menstrual pad above it. The reporter pushed this button and menstrual pads were dispensed out of the machine. The reporter did this three times and three menstrual pads were dispensed; the dispenser does not charge any money for menstrual pads.

The other button had an image shaped like a tampon above it. The reporter repeatedly pushed this button, but nothing was dispensed; the dispenser was out of tampons.

The reporter then left the menstrual pads on top of the dispenser and left without taking them. 

The reporter also traveled to the nearby Brookline public library to see if there were menstrual pads or tampons in the men’s bathroom. However, no such products were offered in either of the two men’s bathrooms in the library. 

Even so, Brookline Town Hall is not the only government-owned building that puts feminine hygiene products in its men’s bathroom. The Pembroke public library is another, as NewBostonPost reported last month.

In the Pembroke public library men’s bathroom, tampons and menstrual pads are stocked in a container next to the bathroom sinks; there is no menstrual product dispenser or buttons one needs to press to receive these products in Pembroke. 

Brookline town administrator Charles Carey could not be reached for comment on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday; nor could Brookline Public Library director Amanda Hirst.

Photos of the menstrual products at Brookline Town Hall are available below:


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