Pregnancy Is Not A Disease:
You Would Never Know This In 2023 America

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“Follow the science” has been the mandate since 2019 in this once-united nation that is still officially titled The United States of America. “Experts” have been featured on T.V. screens voicing this as Gospel.

Public dialogue has centered on the reality of a threat posed by a living organism present in our environment.  It is a deadly virus that can be carried by human beings — and it is transmissible. The organism in shape has little resemblance to us, but its threat is that it has been considered a dangerous killer of a human when carried by one of our species.  Every individual in our global human society has been deemed vulnerable. This fact has caused the situation to be deemed a pandemic.

From early 2022, in a similar narrative, another threat to society has been brought to the fore. This narrative has been disseminated by an array of organizations, socio/political movements, Big Tech, and the mainstream media.

The newer replacement of the 2019 theme was ratcheted up and fine-tuned in the months before the last election. The fervor about this latter threat echoed louder as November 8, 2022 closed in. The importance of addressing the new threat reached a point where U. S. President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. affirmed that he would make it his first order of business post-election.

This specific threat was posed by another living organism – in medical terms known as a fetus. (Latin translation:  “little one.”)

The right to destroy this invader, which for 49 years had enforced everywhere in the country because of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision in 1973, has now been found to be not required by the federal constitution, by a later version of the same court, on June 24, 2022.

This latter specific threat invades only the female of the human species – which is not as simple a proposition as it might appear. President Biden initially presented his search process for a recent nominee to the federal Supreme Court as consisting of two essential qualifications, one racial and the other biological – “the first black woman.”

Yet the nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, while testifying under oath at her confirmation hearing in March 2022, was unable to confirm one of her key qualifications, as she said she was unable to define it. Democratic U.S. senators accepted this claim because Jackson asserted, apparently correctly, that she is not a biologist.

Biden’s aide, Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary for health, a pediatrician who has extensive experience on both sides of the biological divide, was not called on to offer testimony – unnecessary, perhaps, because the votes were there.

Biden, Jackson, Levine, and almost every Democratic U.S. senator agree on the serious threat the invader poses. They all work, from their own sphere of competence, to thwart it.  Yet what are they thwarting?

When a microscopic organism labeled a sperm penetrates a much-larger one, very simply named an ovum, the most fascinating event imaginable takes place. A brand-new, never-before-created, human being begins its existence. This newly-created object contains 46 chromosomes – 23 delivered by the sperm of the male of our human species to join the 23 chromosomes of the female-produced ovum.

The point at which a never-before-created unique human life begins is beautifully and rightfully known as conception – the noun form of the English verb to conceive. Yes, a never-before-created human life has begun his or her existence on planet earth.

As the human cells start dividing naturally, this distinct DNA has the potential to live 70 years or more alongside any and all of us.

Placing a medical instrument on the abdomen of a pregnant woman (known as a mother) has allowed us to detect a second heartbeat shortly beyond her missed menstrual occurrence. Detection at 22 days is not now unheard of.

This sound of another heartbeat is because a new human is now being carried within the woman. He or she is a new distinct human 10,000 times the size of the original egg that developed naturally in her ovary and was fertilized by the male sperm.

Before three months have elapsed, the new human creation will have distinct fingerprints and detectably be able to clench his or her fists.

Following the science — as regards a gender difference — the child in utero can be identified as male or female by sonogram at 18 weeks gestation.

This awe-inspiring complexity of a human’s origin has been likened by Pope John Paul II to a new universe being created.

Even so, more than 63 million beating hearts were intentionally stopped between the Roe v. Wade decision on January 22, 1973 and its long-overdue upending on June 24, 2022 – 18,050 days. The practice still continues in most U.S. states.

As we approach the half-century mark of the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade decision this coming Sunday, January 22, our sights should now be re-focused. For nearly 50 years, we have had a national death penalty against the innocent – without trial, and even without charge — applicable to those tiny humans who are just waiting to exit the womb. This blotch can never be totally erased, but now the June 2022 jettisoning of Roe v. Wade has brought truth back to the fore on the national level.

Roe v. Wade initiated The American Holocaust, which must be brought to an end.


R.T. Neary is a past president of Massachusetts Citizens for Life.


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