Eight Pillars of the Modern Democratic Party

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The Democratic Party of today has veered so far to the left that it would be almost unrecognizable to John F. Kennedy or Harry Truman.

Over the past thirty or forty years, the Democratic Party has abandoned its working-class values, which have been assumed by the Republican Party. If you asked any group of construction workers at a building site who they voted for in 2016 or 2020, most would not have answered Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden.

Instead, the Democratic Party has become a warren of “progressives” whose principles and values have emerged from the Academy – that is, from the left-wing professors and intellectuals at American universities and colleges who have indoctrinated an entire generation of millennial and Gen Z students.

What are the broad themes of the modern Democratic Party? At the center of the party is the drive to gain and hold power, which supersedes principle and even the law. Next is the drive for ever greater governmental control over all things except sexual behavior, abortion, and gender fluidity. Close behind is the belief that global warming is an existential threat that demands draconian steps to curb it. Another key tenet is how free market capitalism builds an unjust society and that socialism is required to ensure equality of outcomes. And finally, the most recent theme is that America is an evil nation whose foundation has been built on slavery and genocide.

Building upon this brief overview, let’s explore eight fundamental tenets of the modern Democratic Party:


1.  Power

The Democratic Party’s need to gain and maintain power is best exemplified by two interlocking features.  One is “sanctuary” cities and states, where the local and state governments establish policies and laws that protect illegal aliens (called undocumented immigrants by the liberal media, even though many have plenty of documents) from prosecution and deportation despite federal immigration law. This is effectively the doctrine of nullification, which helped lead to the Civil War in the 19th century. Taken to an extreme, the result is anarchy, with local jurisdictions choosing which laws will be obeyed and which will not be obeyed. The second example is the Democratic Parry’s open-border immigration policy, which allows millions of illegal aliens into the country in order to create a never-ending number of people beholden to the Democratic Party. The party’s hope is that, in the future, these illegal aliens will become reliable Democratic voters.  


2.  The End Justifies the Means

Leaders of the Democratic Party (and their shock troops) typically feel that because their goals are true, just, and moral, any means, whether fair or foul, can and should be used to attain them. Recent examples are the riots and destruction of property witnessed in Seattle and Portland and other communities following the death of George Floyd; the intimidation of U.S. Supreme Court justices leading up to the decision overturning Roe v. Wade; preventing conservatives from speaking at colleges and universities by student protests and demonstrations countenanced by the educational authorities; censoring speech on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook; and attacking media and public policy opponents at their homes and in public places like restaurants. The personal is political, they say; for their enemies, nothing personal is respected.


3.  Government Regulation and Control

The Democratic Party is the party of ever-increasing government control of almost all aspects of life – the economy, energy, the environment, the appliances in your house, speech at colleges and universities, religious freedom, and even controlling speech on social media. On the other side:  The Republican Party is the party of freedom. As Ronald Reagan famously said, “Freedom is a fragile thing, and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by way of inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation …” The contrast between the Democratic and Republican parties on liberty and freedom could not be starker.


4.  Abortion

In the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade in 1973, abortion became a signature issue for the Democratic Party. For several decades after the decision came down, abortion was seen by many in the party as an unfortunate but necessary step that many women were forced to choose due to their circumstances. But it was not seen as a positive good. In 1992, Bill Clinton during his first presidential campaign stated that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.” Rare, presumably because abortion was not a good thing but rather wrong – even immoral. The Democratic Party has shed this understanding of the meaning of abortion. The termination of the life of an unborn child – even nine months into pregnancy – is seen as a positive good by the party. For the Democratic Party, abortion has become the litmus test of whether you a member of the party in good standing. The sanctity of human life is a profound dividing line between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.


5.  Sexual Behavior and Gender Fluidity

It was not so long ago in this country when most Americans embraced the historic standard, often observed more in the breach than in the observance, that the proper place for sexual intimacy was between one man and one woman in marriage. Even when people didn’t live up to this standard, they respected it. The Democratic Party has come a long way from this principle. Now, the Democratic Party is in favor of sex (both natural and unnatural) between any and all consenting partners, and will go to almost any length to enshrine this approach in legislation and court decisions. Moreover, leading Democrats have lined up behind the claim that the biggest civil rights issue currently is to ensure that total gender fluidity reigns in America:  that men can become women and women men, and that this assertion be accepted and recognized in all public and private institutions. To accomplish that, Democrats are willing to support targeting children who express possibly transitory feelings and uncertainties for permanent physical and emotional alterations. Naturally, one of the most loyal constituencies of the Democratic Party is LGBTQ+ adherents.


6.  Climate Change

Man-made global warming is seen by the Democratic Party as an existential threat to humanity. The Party believes that draconian steps need to be taken to reduce carbon emissions — this despite the many false alarms over the past 30 years, frequent inaccurate climate change modeling, and the lack of empirical evidence about why the temperatures have been rising for more than a century. While the United States has cut its carbon emissions more than any other country over the past several decades, the Democratic Party has continued to make climate change a signature policy issue. The Party’s policy has led to constant attacks on the fossil fuel industry, causing higher fuel costs for heat and vehicles, which hurt the poor the most.  But the party that allegedly cares about poor people doesn’t care about poor people if they get in the way.


7.  Socialism

Free market capitalism, which has been shown empirically to bring the poor out of poverty, is increasingly under attack by the Democratic Party. The American principle of equality of opportunity has now been replaced by the Democratic Party with equality of outcome. This is pure egalitarianism — the outcome sought by Marxists and communists around the world for almost two centuries. The mantra of diversity-equity-inclusion – with “equity” meaning not fairness but equality of outcome — is continually propagated by woke institutions, many of which appear to have little understanding of the history of socialism – that it destroys wealth rather than creating it. Socialism leads inexorably to higher and higher progressive taxes, which cause the most productive citizens to exit the cities and states in which these taxes are imposed. This key tenet of the Democratic Party comes straight from the Academy and its woke followers.


8.  Slavery and Racism

Many major Democratic candidates for elective office in 2020 repeated the mantra that America is a systemically racist country – this, in the only majority-white nation that has ever elected a black President.  (And not once, but twice.) And where a preponderance of its mayors in large cities are non-white women. The Republican Party candidates universally repudiated this slander on America. The Democratic Party plays to the racial-minority race-baiters and guilty white intellectuals who turn out a steady stream of divisive and incendiary tracts and books on white privilege, white rage, white fragility, racism, and unconscious bias. Now these folks are clamoring for reparations for slavery. Where are the calls for reparations for the families of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the Union Army who died to abolish slavery?  Or better yet:  No reparations to anyone, since no one now living lived through these injustices, and since America is best when it is one country, not warring factions.


Power flows to those who offer hope. These eight tenets of the Democratic Party offer little hope for a better America. Most of these eight are transparent attempts to appeal to certain constituencies rather than policies and platforms for the greater common good — for a strong economy; rising prosperity; a strong and powerful defense against the bad global actors of China, Russia, and Iran; religious freedom: and the renaissance of the most critical institution in America, the family.

One-party rule isn’t the answer. It always leads to corruption. America needs two strong and wise political parties. Yet the Democratic Party is heading off a cliff.

May the Democratic Party come to its senses.


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