Jake Auchincloss Says China Views People As ‘Pawns of The State’

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U.S. Representative Jake Auchincloss (D-Newton) is no fan of the Chinese Communist Party.

He says he thinks that Communist China poses the greatest challenge to the United States in the 21st century.

Furthermore, Auchincloss slammed the party’s collectivist mindset, arguing that the difference between the values of the United States and the values of mainland China are all the more reason why the United States needs to outcompete China globally.

“It’s a major trading partner but frankly, that’s part of the problem,” Auchincloss told Bloomberg Radio (at 3:50 of the audio) on Monday, March 6. “The defining contest of the 21st century is gonna be between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party and it’s foundationally a contest of values. The United States was founded upon self-evident and universal truths about inalienable rights and the inherent dignity of the individual. The CCP does not recognize value in individuals. They think people are the pawns of the state. And those values will predicate the entirety of our contest — economic, military, ideological. We need to win. And we need to diversify those trading ties, because it’s not acceptable for the CCP to have a chokepoint over critical industries.”

Auchincloss also said that businesses should be less dependent on China in their supply chains. 

However, he thinks the United States government needs to take action to help make that possible.

A proponent of free trade, Auchincloss said he would like to see freer trade with developing countries to make doing business outside of China more affordable for American companies and consumers.

“They shouldn’t need to be told,” Auchincloss said (at 5:24 of the audio). “It’s apparent that relying heavily on China as a single port of failure for supply chains is not an acceptable situation in the 21st century. Businesses need to be diversifying. The United States government needs to be diversifying. … Let me be clear. That does not mean protectionism. We do not want to retrench behind our two oceans and isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. Actually, quite the opposite. I think part of the antidote to the CCP is deeper trade and investment engagement with the global south:  Latin America; sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria, in particular; Southeast Asia, Taiwan. And that can be economic in nature and the forging of economic alliances, free trade deals, and investment ties. It can also be security.”

Proponents of free trade argue that it creates jobs, lowers consumer costs, and improves economic efficiency. Opponents argue that it kills jobs, hurts workers, and benefits only the ultrawealthy. 


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