Five Wokest Massachusetts Politicians

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Massachusetts is among the most liberal states in the country, making it a hotbed for woke-ism.

The state elects mostly liberal politicians, some of whom are woke. So who are the most woke politicians this state has to offer?

Here are five of them:


1.  U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Cambridge)

When I think of Elizabeth Warren, the first word that pops my head is woke.

You know our senior senator values intersectionality — she is the place where almost no American Indian ancestry meets no American Indian ancestry.

No one values youth more. Back when she was running for president in January 2020, she said she would nominate a secretary of education only if a 9-year-old girl who identified as a boy approved of the nominee.

And she supports reproductive choices so much she wants to take one of them away — crisis pregnancy centers.

A true woke stalwart isn’t worried about things like truth, freedom, or common sense.


2.  Boston Mayor Michelle Wu

While people have various reasons for criticizing Boston mayor Michelle Wu, we’ll keep this simple for you:  her administration is providing free community college for illegal immigrants for the 2023-2024 school year; and during her time on the Boston City Council she voted in favor of 12 weeks of paid abortion leave for city employees, both women and men, in September 2021.

Wu is the latest example of how Boston’s elected officials get progressively worse. If only the city could have Ray Flynn back.


3.  U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-Hyde Park)

Ayanna Pressley is a member of “The Squad” in Congress; her association with politicians like U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) and U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) is quite woke, but so is her approach to politics in other ways.

For example, she supports reparations for people who were never slaves and she chairs the Pro-Choice Caucus in Congress, which means her peers see her as more pro-abortion than even the normal Democrat in Congress, who is already militantly pro-abortion.

And oh yeah, she has likened the pro-life position to white supremacy — despite the country’s most prominent white nationalists, like Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer, supporting abortion. And of course, why wouldn’t they?  Almost 40 percent of the women who get abortions in the United States are black, while blacks make up just 12 percent of the population. Abortion is the major reason blacks aren’t increasing as a portion of the country’s total population.


4.  Boston City Councilor Kendra Lara

You might have first heard about Boston city councilor Kendra Lara when she crashed into a house in Jamaica Plain while (police say) driving 53 in a 25 on a suspended license. But that doesn’t make her woke.

What makes her woke is her support for abolishing the police and the fact that she identifies as a democratic socialist. She also supports the do-not-prosecute policy for various crimes, including shoplifting, that Rachael Rollins had in place during her tenure as Suffolk County district attorney.

True commitment to woke-ism requires being willing and even eager to make life worse for almost everybody else.


5.  Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey

Maura Healey is one of the wokest governors in America.

She compared the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020 to forests growing and told women uncomfortable sharing public bathrooms with men to “hold it.” She also backs in-state tuition and driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

And during her time as state attorney general, her office green-lit towns recognizing polyamorous relationships and women being topless at beaches, if their town approves it.

Sadly for Bay Staters, Healey hasn’t even been governor for seven months of a scheduled four-year term – in a state that has no term limits for governor. We are likely to see plenty more of Healey’s wokeness in the years to come.


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