Quincy Has A Pro-Life Mayor; Here’s Why That Matters

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Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch is seeking re-election and his challenger is trying to make hay with an issue that often doesn’t make its way into municipal races:  abortion.

Koch is notable in that he is a serious Catholic and a pro-life mayor in a left-leaning state. He left the Democratic Party in 2018 over its stance on abortion and said at a June 2021 event that he would “rather lose … than be pro-choice.”

Sadly, Koch’s challenger in the mayoral race, city councilor Anne Mahoney, has the opposite approach on abortion. She is a pro-abortion extremist aligned with Reproductive Equity Now (formerly NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts).

Mahoney’s campaign web site says that she has been “a vocal supporter of women’s rights, including reproductive freedom.”

So what does abortion have to do with the Quincy mayoral race? 

A lot, actually.

And Quincy electing a radically pro-abortion person like Mahoney as mayor would hurt a lot of people.

Here’s why.

Mahoney signed Reproductive Equity Now’s City Champions Pledge. Signing it means a candidate opposes crisis pregnancy centers, which the special interest group calls “anti-abortion centers.” It also means the candidate supports the abortion lobby’s sex-ed agenda, and agrees that the pro-life position is “historically rooted in white supremacy,” among other things.

Quincy has two organizations in the city that do great work that Reproductive Equity Now considers crisis pregnancy centers. You know — those organizations that help women facing unintended pregnancies that liberal politicians want to fine out of existence.

Reproductive Equity Now lists Friends of the Unborn in Quincy as a crisis pregnancy center. Friends of the Unborn is a maternity shelter for women who do not want to have an abortion. The organization helps women find permanent housing, offers them practical items they need to raise a child, and helps them continue their education.

Reproductive Equity Now also lists Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices as a crisis pregnancy center. While the organization primarily operates out of Boston, one branch of it operates in Quincy:  Springwater After Abortion Healing Services.

The Quincy arm of the organization provides free counseling and support groups to women who have complex feelings about their abortions and seek healing for their actions. If a woman feels bad about her abortion and wants to seek out counseling or a group of women going through a similar struggle, she should have that opportunity. We all need forgiveness, and redemption is possible for everyone, even those who have committed one of the most evil acts imaginable. 

Mayor Koch is not a threat to the existence of pro-life organizations. But you know who is? People who support the abortion lobby’s agenda, like Mahoney. They hate being disagreed with on abortion so much that they want to quash free speech and shut down organizations that want to help women who do not think like them.

Additionally, in Quincy, the mayor chairs the school committee and is a voting member of it. That means the mayor could vote to approve or reject sex-ed curricula — including what Quincy public schools tell children about gender and abortion. And Koch, as a pro-life politician, is unlikely to go along with the abortion lobby’s view of sex education, unlike Mahoney, who filled out a questionnaire saying she supports it.

Also, Quincy is home to the annual Weekend 4 Life, a pro-life gathering featuring many notable pro-life speakers, including Koch himself. Men of the Divine Mercy is one of the organizations that supports the endeavor. Koch is a member of Men of Divine Mercy; it is a pro-life men’s group that meets and prays on Thursday nights. Koch makes the city welcoming for pro-lifers and is not afraid to talk about how important the life issue is to him.

There aren’t many pro-life politicians in Massachusetts, let alone pro-life politicians who are as open about their support for life as Koch. The city is lucky to have him as mayor. Hopefully, Quincy voters do what is right and elect him for another four years this November. 


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