Five Massachusetts Politicians Who Should Let Migrants Into Their Homes

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Faced with a surge in migrant arrivals, Massachusetts lacks the resources to provide temporary housing for everyone coming here.

The state’s emergency shelter system was housing about 5,600 families as of last week, 80 percent more than it was housing one year ago. That’s on top of the more than 1,800 families the state is housing in hotels and motels, according to State House News Service.

So what does the state want the ordinary person to do about it? Let migrants live in their homes.

The administration urged private residents to “open their homes and businesses to help house immigrants,” State House News Service reported last week. 

No, that’s not a joke.

It sounds like one because it’s an absurd proposal, but sadly, it’s not.

On second thought, yes, some private residents should allow migrants to live in their homes.

NewBostonPost developed a list of some nice, tolerant people who would be great fits to let migrants live in their homes.

Here are our picks:


1. Governor Maura Healey

Given that Healey’s administration was the one that asked private residents to take in migrants, she should lead by example.

The governor supports driver’s licenses and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants and opposed former President Donald Trump’s border wall. Politicians like Healey have fostered an environment that incentivizes people to come to this country illegally.

Given that Healey is a tolerant liberal who receives a $65,000-per-year housing stipend on top of her $185,000 salary, she would be the perfect candidate to host migrant families at her home. Presumably, some of them would not mind living like a governor.


2. Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll

Second in command, Driscoll is also a part of the Healey administration. And given that lieutenant governors do not have much of a role in this state, they largely become figureheads for the administration.

While Driscoll doesn’t get much press, it’s important to note that during her tenure as mayor of Salem, she signed an ordinance that made it a sanctuary city in 2017. 

Driscoll, like Healey, should lead by example and house as many migrants as she can. While she only makes $165,000 per year and receives no housing stipend, her husband is a bricklayer, that’s still far more than double the median household income in the Commonwealth. Therefore, Driscoll can afford to support these migrant families.

So what if their version of the American Dream ends up being living with Kim Driscoll?


3. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Cambridge)

During her failed presidential bid, Warren proposed Medicare for All, including illegal immigrants.

So not only did she want to take away your private health insurance, but she also wanted to make you pay for illegal immigrants’ health care on top of it – using your tax dollars.

We know Warren is wealthy. She made nearly $430,000 per year at Harvard. And she and her husband are empty nesters. So they can use the spare bedroom at their home in Cambridge for migrants. Better yet, give them the whole house, and she can live full-time in her District of Columbia residence.


4, State Senator Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton)

You have to give Eldridge a little bit of credit. He is dedicated to the progressive cause.

Eldridge stood outside of Cabela’s in Hudson, Massachusetts for hours upon hours trying to persuade people to not sign papers to get a veto referendum on the ballot attempting to repeal a law that gave driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

So not only does he support illegal immigrants being here, but he actually put work in because he wanted to help them keep a newfound benefit.

That said, he seems like exactly the kind of nice man who would be perfectly willing to take in some migrants to live with him. After all, we should want these migrants living with tolerant people like Jamie Eldridge, not right-wing bigots.


5. Boston Mayor Michelle Wu

The Wu administration is providing free community college for illegal immigrants for the 2023-2024 school year. What a great way to help incentivize illegal immigration to this country.

If Wu wants to bring illegal immigrants here by giving them free stuff at the taxpayers’ expense, then surely she can house a couple of migrants to ensure they have a place to live. After all, she likes taking from us and giving to illegal immigrants. So perhaps she could sacrifice a little herself.


Bonus Pick: Former President Barack Obama

Although not a Massachusetts politician per se, the former president has a home on Martha’s Vineyard that would be perfect to house migrants.

We know Obama is not a year-round Vineyard resident, meaning that the house is often vacant. And Obama supports amnesty for some illegal immigrants, so we know he is sympathetic to the cause. Therefore, he should let as many migrants as can possibly fit in his 6,892-square-foot Vineyard house stay there for the time being.

Or, better yet, he should give them his house to help them get started in this country. After all, he has a life of high-paying speaking gigs and Netflix specials to look forward to; he can afford to give one of his houses away.


Extra Bonus: The Kennedy Compound

The late U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Hyannisport) was a big proponent of the federal Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, also known as the Hart-Celler Act.

It resulted in mass legal and illegal immigration to this country.  

That said, Kennedy’s heirs (actual, not political) have a real opportunity to turn the Kennedy Compound into a living museum dedicated to the Hart-Celler Act.

They need to seize the day.


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