Five Notable RFK Jr. Presidential Endorsements

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an underdog in the 2024 Democratic presidential primary.

The environmental attorney and anti-vaccine activist is running far behind President Joe Biden in the 2024 primary; Biden is polling at 67.5 percent while Kennedy is at 11.8 percent, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Given that Kennedy is down big, one might wonder: who is supporting him?

While none of the Kennedys have come out and endorsed the Democrat, he does have some endorsements.

Here are five of his bigger endorsements:


1.  Former U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) — Kucinich served in the U.S. House from 1997 to 2013 and unsuccessfully sought the Democratic presidential nomination during the 2004 and 2008 cycles.

The progressive Democrat serves as the campaign manager for the Kennedy 2024 campaign.


2. Former Twitter chief executive officer Jack Dorsey — Jack Dorsey is known for co-founding Twitter, a social media app that launched in 2006; he left his post as chief executive officer in 2021.

While Dorsey is a liberal, he prefers Kennedy over Biden.

Part of the reason for that? Kennedy is anti-war.

“To have a candidate to be President of the United States that is focused on peace and ending all these wars and really focusing on looking at some of the deeper issues that we’ve had especially as he states around regulatory capture, the military-industrial complex,” Dorsey said on the Breaking Points podcast in June. “He has intimate knowledge of all these things.”


3. New York City Councilor James F. Gennaro — Gennaro, who represents part of Queens on the New York City Council, has been friends with Kennedy since the 1990s.

Kennedy has advocated for environmental measures in NYC during that time.  

“He has done more for the environment than anyone I know, including me, and that’s saying something, if I may be so bold,” Gennaro wrote in an April 2023 Facebook post. “The 50+ landmark environmental laws I have written and passed comprise quite a body of work, but it pales next to what Bobby has accomplished on a local, national, and international scale. And whatever accomplishments I have made as the City Council’s chairman of the Committee on Environmental Protection, Resiliency, and Waterfronts may never have happened if Bobby had not supported my 1st campaign so vigorously.”


4. Actor Rob Schneider — The comedic actor says he thinks that vaccines cause autism.

That’s something he has in common with RFK Jr..

That said, he is an RFK Jr. supporter. 

“Inspiring, hopeful, courageous and most importantly (like his father) compassionate,” Schneider tweeted in June. “It’s my honor to support ⁦⁦ @RobertKennedyJr ⁩ #Kennedy2024.”


5. Actress Alicia Silverstone — Like Schneider, Silverstone is also an anti-vaxxer.

In 2014, she revealed that she had never given her son medicine of any kind, including vaccines.

Silverstone is also backing Kennedy in the 2024 Democratic primary.

“Bobby is a true leader,” Silverstone wrote in a June Instagram post. “He loves our country deeply and is the most courageous warrior. He fights for all mothers and children. He fights for our planet, fairness, and freedom. He is someone who can unify the divide in this country. He is a walking history book; a passionate loving human with no tolerance for corruption or bullying. I love his vision of peace, unity, and justice for all. I am uplifted by his commitment to protect civil and worker rights as well as our children’s health. We need leaders who will resolve poverty, pollution, inequality, and stop wars … Bobby is that leader.”


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