Five Most Liberal Journalists In Massachusetts

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The media in Massachusetts typically has a liberal bias. 

It’s evident in its work, its political donations, and the tendency of journalists to work for Democratic politicians before or after their journalism careers.

But which journalists, specifically, are the most liberal?

That’s a tough question, but here are five of the most liberal journalists in Massachusetts.


1. WBUR host Rupa Shenoy

Rupa Shenoy hosts WBUR radio’s Morning Edition, and she has some pretty woke content on WBUR’s web site.

Back in June, she had a piece titled “The hidden queer history of Boston suffragettes” — because with everything going on in the world that’s what I’m most interested to know.

Plus, on Columbus Day last week, she aired a segment titled “The reason behind the effort to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day statewide.” It gave air time to those who want to eliminate Columbus Day, but none to those who want to preserve it. 

Not to mention, she used to host a podcast for GBH News called “Otherhood,” about “race, identity, and the children of immigrants,” according to her WBUR bio.

Here is the description of Season 9, Episode 2 of that podcast:


Episode 9, Season 2. The city of Cambridge — home of MIT and Harvard — is known for its liberalism, diversity, and tolerance. When a group of kids of color publicly called their teachers out on microaggressions, there was a backlash from white educators — showing there’s another side to Cambridge that isn’t openly discussed.


Get your popcorn ready for that episode.


2.  GBH News reporter Sam Turken

The easiest way to spot a woke journalist these days is to check their social media to see if they put their pronouns in their bio. If the answer to that question is yes …

And since Turken covers Worcester for a very liberal organization that deserves to be stripped of all federal funding, it’s no surprise that his X (formerly known as Twitter) bio includes a reference to him being a he/him.

But more importantly:  what type of content does he/him cover?

Here are some headlines from Turken’s articles in the past year:


Black entrepreneurs, business leaders gather for annual Mass. Black Expo

Boston to get a museum focused on LGBTQ+ art and history

Worcester councilors asked to regulate anti-abortion centers. It still hasn’t happened.

One Black man says Worcester cops have stopped him more than 70 times

Worcester nonprofit leaders of color say they don’t have a fair chance at grant money


Plus, he apparently dislikes Bishop Robert McManus, the Roman Catholic bishop of Worcester.

When McManus ordered Nativity School in Worcester to stop calling itself a Catholic school after it refused to stop flying a rainbow flag and a Black Lives Matter flag, here is what Turken wrote about the bishop:


McManus’ decree is the latest example of him making controversial, conservative decisions throughout his 18 years leading the Worcester Diocese. He has repeatedly expressed transphobic views and criticized LGBTQ rights, including blocking the sale of a diocese-owned Northbridge mansion to a married gay couple.


This isn’t a quote from a sympathetic source, mind you.  This is a background paragraph in a purported news story.

A he/him who calls Catholics transphobic?  Now that’s pretty woke. 


3. Axios Boston reporter Steph Solis

Steph Solis is a woman who uses they/them pronouns, according to X, and identifies as “Latine,” which, like “Latinx,” is a gender-neutral alternative to Latino or Latina.

She also freaked out when The Lowell Sun posted an editorial in December 2020 that said immigrants in the United States should learn English. Here is what she posted on X (then formally known as Twitter):


I can’t count the number of times people who say/yell ‘learn English!’ complain about immigrants who work 2-3 jobs raising families in entirely unfamiliar countries with few resources. Too many to count.

I get looks here for speaking Spanish on the phone, sometimes with a source, sometimes with my mom on the other line. In retrospect, I’m glad it’s just a glare. But in the moment I wonder if the glare will turn into Qs about why I’m not speaking English or a physical attack

Some of you who parrot this question/command about speaking English grew up in affluent school districts and had lofty family connections yet still confuse ‘your/you’re’ and fail to use critical thinking skills to detect misinformation, but go off.

Not enough characters to go into how this editorial ignores the dearth of language education resources for people who don’t have reliable computer and internet access, for those who would want to try to squeeze that in between working, raising a family, religious commitments, etc


Additionally, last week she referred to giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants as “tuition equity” in an article for Axios. 

And when Joe Biden was inaugurated as president, she wrote a puff piece on him for MassLive about how he wanted to offer a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants — a group she called “residents without legal status.”

Just call them illegal immigrants, you wokescold. 


4.  Whitman-Hanson Express editor Tracy Seelye

The best way to describe Tracy Seelye is as a Democratic activist first and a journalist second.

She is on the board of a Pete Buttigieg-aligned political action committee called Build The Era — and she has quite an impressive resume of Democratic Party activism.

Here is part of her bio on the site:


Tracy has worked as a congressional district co-lead and campaign volunteer doing digital rapid response for Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 presidential campaign. She was also a Digital Captain for the 2020 Biden/Harris campaign and volunteered with the Ossoff Campaign in 2021. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and master’s degree in journalism with a political science minor concentration from Boston University. She is also a member of Building Bridges for America, an organization founded by Buttigieg campaign volunteers in support of progressive grassroots campaigns, candidates, and causes and, additionally is a member of the Democratic Digital Coalition and an adjunct member of Barnstormers for America and Rally for Progress.   


And if you look at her account on X (formerly known as Twitter), you will see a barrage of partisan Democratic posts and re-posts. 

She perfectly embodies what the media has become over the last several years. 


5.  Politico reporter Lisa Kashinsky

Story selection tells you a lot about a journalist, and given that Lisa Kashinsky aggregates the Politico Massachusetts playbook five days per week, we learn a lot about what she thinks about politics.

Notably, she used the 2022 Massachusetts statewide election results to say Massachusetts is not as liberal as people think — after the state voted Maura Healey governor with 66.7 percent of the vote.

“SLIM PICKINGS — The narrow margins of victory for two ballot questions championed by progressives and left-leaning labor groups serve as yet another reminder that Massachusetts isn’t as liberal as it’s labeled,” Kashinsky wrote.

That’s right. She argued that because the millionaire’s tax only passed by single digits and the voters only upheld driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants by single digits, that serves as “yet another reminder” that the state isn’t all that liberal.

Except, majorities in our state supported those things, despite 72 percent of Americans opposing giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, according to a 2019 Harvard-Harris poll.

While you’ll be hard-pressed to find Politico linking to NewBostonPost articles in its Massachusetts playbook, Kashinsky elevates the voices of the pro-abortion side of the aisle.

She writes articles with titles like “The abortion-rights fight goes digital,” “Abortion-rights advocates lay out their next move,” “What’s next in the abortion-rights fight,” “Abortion providers harassed in Mass.,” “Mass. could do more to protect abortion rights,” and “How Mass. abortion funding stacks up.”

Do you know how many times she’s interviewed someone from Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Massachusetts Family Institute, or Massachusetts Alliance to Stop Taxpayer-Funded Abortion to get the pro-life perspective in a Politico story?


But the pro-abortion side always seems to get to say their piece in her articles about that topic.

Weird how that works.


Honorable Mention: The entire staff of The Boston Globe  (except Jeff Jacoby).


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