Five Reasons Joe Biden Doesn’t Deserve A Second Term As President

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President Joe Biden wants a second term in the White House.

Let’s not make the same mistake twice, America.

Our country and the world are worse off because of this weak leader. Thankfully, most Americans know he is doing a lousy job; 38.8 percent approve of Biden, while 55.5 percent disapprove, according to FiveThirtyEight’s polling average.

So what makes Biden such a lousy president, other than questions about his mental capacity and alleged corruption involving his son Hunter? 

Here are five reasons why the big guy does not deserve a second term. 


1. Inflation

Under President Biden, inflation has been bad. Americans have lost more than 16 percent of purchasing power since Biden took office.

Biden signed the inflation-inducing $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act into law in March 2021, which helped make this terrible inflation happen.

And sadly, the bill was unnecessary. It provided more revenue to states and municipalities than they knew what to do with, and communities spent it on pork, as NewBostonPost has reported.


2. Home Ownership

In an attempt to cool inflation caused by Biden and its own loose monetary policy, the Federal Reserve has hiked interest rates since Biden has not been able to figure out how to fix the problem.

Interest rates exceed 5 percent and we are unlikely to see a cut until late 2024, according to CNBC.

That’s bad for the housing market. If you’re trying to buy your first home, you have been failed by the Biden administration. After all, the difference between a 3 percent interest rate and a 7 percent interest rate on a mortgage for a $450,000 home (modest in the Boston metro area) is $1,000 per month.

In 2020, the average mortgage rate dipped below 3 percent. And right now, the average 30-year fixed rate is 7.79 percent.



3. Immigration

More than 1.6 million illegal immigrants have evaded apprehension and entered the country via the United States-Mexico border since Biden’s presidency began.

The country now sees nearly 3 million migrant encounters at the southern border per fiscal year.

More than 300,000 people tried to enter the United States illegally in August 2023; the figure was between five and 10 times higher than what the country typically endured during both the Trump and Obama administrations, according to Washington Examiner.

Maybe it would help if we had someone who wants to deter illegal immigration in the Oval Office.


4. Foreign Policy

The world is less safe since Biden has taken office.

Under his leadership, America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster; the Taliban took the country over within two weeks of the U.S. military’s leaving. Russia is back to its expansionist ways; it launched an unprovoked war against Ukraine in February 2022 that is continuing. The Gaza Strip launched a war against Israel last month, including brutal attacks on October 7 that left about 1,200 people dead.

If countries feared our commander-in-chief, this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.


5. Gender Ideology

The Biden administration is a breeding ground for woke gender ideology.

Under his administration, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls pregnant women “pregnant people,” the U.S. Department of State began issuing Gender X nonbinary passports, and the White House refuses to condemn men dominating women’s sports.

Is it too much to ask for a president who will acknowledge that men can’t get pregnant, that there are two genders, and that men don’t belong in women’s sports?


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