Five Phrases Media Uses That Expose Its Liberal Bias

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How can you tell if you’re consuming liberal media?

Sometimes, the liberal media provides some dead giveaways.

If you’re in Massachusetts and you’re consuming Bay State media that isn’t NewBostonPost, Boston Broadside, TB Daily News, or a conservative talk radio host like Howie Carr, Grace Curley, or Jeff Kuhner, you’re probably consuming liberal media.

But if you’re consuming unfamiliar media, you might have a hard time knowing just how liberal a media outlet is without any context.

Here are five phrases the media uses that reveal their liberal bias:


1.  Abortion care

The liberal media loves the term “abortion care.” Here’s an example from a September 6, 2023 CBS Boston headline: “Out-of-state residents seeking abortion care in Massachusetts jumped 37% after Roe v. Wade reversal.”

Abortion care sounds like health care, which, if you’re a liberal, is what you want people to think of when they think about abortion.

But guess what? It’s not health care. It’s almost always an elective procedure that always kills a baby. 


2. Pregnant people

What the heck is a pregnant person? 

Liberal and progressive journalists use the term because they claim to think men can get pregnant.

Here’s an example from a July 13, 2022 MassLive headline: “Massachusetts Senate strengthens protections for abortion care providers, pregnant people in shield bill.”

As someone who took public school sex-ed before it became woke, I learned that only women can get pregnant.

Similarly, be aware of the term “birthing people.” It serves the same purpose:  to deny reality.


3.  Latinx

Latino/Latina, Hispanic, and Latin American are not good enough for wokesters.

They instead butcher the gendered Spanish language with the term “Latinx,” a made-up gender-neutral alternative to a term that already has gender-neutral alternatives. However, they use it to encompass people who identify as genders other than male and female.

Here’s an example from a September 17, 2023 headline from The Boston Globe:  “Latinx Heritage Month kicks off with fiesta on City Hall Plaza.”

Yet, Latinos in the Bay State don’t use the term, a Massinc Polling Group poll shows.

While 46 percent use the term Latino, 36 percent use Hispanic, and 29 percent go with their country of origin, just 5 percent prefer the term Latinx (supposedly pronounced “Latin ex”).

That’s a good indication that it’s a fringe term that woke journalists should stop using.


4.  Immigrants without legal status

We should always say no to immigrant bashing because we can’t fault the masses for wanting to come to America for a better life. Not only is it mean but it sometimes comes from a place of racial prejudice. 

That said, if you come to the country illegally, we shouldn’t sugarcoat it. That’s illegal immigration and the people who do it are illegal immigrants.

That’s not a judgment of individual people. It’s merely a fact.

Yet, liberals and progressive media try to obfuscate this issue. They prefer to call illegal immigrants “immigrants without legal status.”

Here’s an example from a May 20, 2023 editorial in The Boston Globe titled “Give in-state college tuition to undocumented immigrants.”

(Most illegal immigrants have plenty of documents.  It’s just that if they’re real, they come from their home country, and if they come from this country, they’re probably fake.)

The article says “Immigrants without legal status can legally start businesses and are required to pay taxes.”

Notice that it’s those who want to incentivize illegal immigration using this term. That’s pretty telling.


5.  Climate crisis

I’ll start by saying climate change is real; the earth’s climate is always changing. Also, I believe that the increased carbon (and other greenhouse gasses) in the atmosphere from fossil fuels, deforestation, and farming factors into the earth’s rising temperature, though it is not the sole reason.

But calling this situation a climate crisis is inaccurate. Yet, that’s exactly what the mainstream media does. Here’s a headline from GBH News on August 18, 2023:  “Eager climate advocates and policymakers offer paths through climate crisis.”

In the past 100 years, climate deaths have plummeted from nearly 500,000 per year in the early 1920s to well under 50,000 per year in the 2020s, according to Human Progress.

Seawalls and accurate weather forecasts save lives; carbon hysteria doesn’t.

Natural disasters are a problem and we need to take them seriously, perhaps through a mix of pragmatic greenhouse gas reduction measures, reforestation, and climate resilience efforts (think seawalls and seaweed). 

But the climate alarmism from the likes of Al Gore, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Greta Thunberg, and the mainstream media needs to stop.  They’re giving children nightmares


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