Six NewBostonPost Articles Readers Enjoyed In 2023

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A lot went down in Massachusetts in 2023.

Maura Healey took office as governor, Amy Carnevale became chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party, and Boston city councilor Kendra Lara lost re-election, among other things.

Additionally, NewBostonPost continued covering the kind of content the liberal media in this state typically ignores — and the readers reacted well to it.

Here are six articles that NewBostonPost readers especially enjoyed in 2023:


1. Five Most Useless College Classes In Massachusetts

Expensive, woke, and ridiculous are fair descriptors of much of modern higher education. However, some of the classes at these expensive institutions are downright ridiculous.

NewBostonPost found some of the most content-free college classes offered in this state, ranging from water polo to transgender poetry and bestiality. And some people think we should all pay to “forgive” student loan debt …


2.  Boston Using Federal Stimulus Money On Free College For Illegal Immigrants

Do you remember The Boston Globe writing an article about how illegal immigrants are getting free college in Boston?

Of course not. But NewBostonPost covered Mayor Michelle Wu’s Tuition-Free Community College Plan, including how the city is spending $3 million of (inflation-inducing) American Rescue Plan Act money on it this school year.


3.  Transgender Runner Helps Brookline High Girls Win Division 1 Track & Field Massachusetts State Championship

A male who identifies as transgender helped the Brookline High School girls’ indoor track and field team win a Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Division 1 state championship in February 2023.

While TB Daily News was first to report on the fact that the runner, Chloe Barnes, was a male, NewBostonPost followed up on the story and reported on the state championship win. Barnes finished fourth in the 55-meter hurdle at the event (8.72 seconds) — and outlets like The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald, which covered the meet, never disclosed to their readers that Barnes is a male.

Once NewBostonPost reported on it, many national news organizations followed suit — and Barnes drew criticism from former United Nations ambassador and Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner, and U.S. Representative Mary Miller (R-Illinois), among others. 


4.  Massachusetts Democratic State Rep Blasted Over Organ Donation For Prison Sentence Reduction Proposal

Should prisoners be able to donate their organs in exchange for a shorter prison sentence?

A proposal (H.2333) from state Representative Judith Garcia (D-Chelsea) would allow this — and it got sharp backlash, especially on the political left, from people who viewed it as coercive. 

Once NewBostonPost covered it, others followed. No action has been taken on the bill since February 2023 — not even a hearing.  Bit it did embarrass a progressive state representative.


5.  Abortion Lessens ‘The Cost of a Child in Special Education,’ Local Democratic Party Official Says

Sometimes, politically-involved people say the quiet part out loud.

And Michael Hugo, then-chairman of the Framingham Democratic City Committee, made the case that more special needs children being born — rather than aborted — would raise the cost of education in the city.

That’s right:  Hugo openly advocated for eugenic abortion and effectively called people with special needs a burden on society.

And yes, he later apologized, saying his remarks “did not accurately reflect the meaning of what I was trying to say.” But he never explained what exactly he was trying to say, if not what the obvious meaning of what he actually said.

Fact is, we all know what he meant.

It’s a disgusting outlook and one that contributes to our country’s shameful culture of death. 


6.  Massachusetts Democratic State Rep Says Israel Is Committing Genocide

A lame-duck state representative at the time, Jamie Zahlway Belsito (D-Topsfield), accused Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians at the end of 2022.

“The US must acknowledge that the @Israel administration is an apartheid run thuggery terrorist regime on a mission to kill Palestinians,” she tweeted on December 30, 2022. “Killing and land taking has nothing to do with anti-semitism. It is genocide.”

(Her comments appeared more than nine months before the Hamas attack on Israel in October 2023 and the continuing Israeli invasion of Gaza.)

NewBostonPost highlighted her words in one of its first articles of 2023, and then others followed.


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