The Shaman Chanting at Davos: The End of Western Civilization

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Global elites began meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 1971 when Klaus Schwab invited a group of 450 European business leaders to consider the major global issues of the day and to brainstorm on solutions to address these challenges. Since then, the World Economic Forum, which continues to meet in the ski town of Davos each January, has become a compulsory event for many of the world’s most powerful leaders in business, finance, and politics.

Over the years, a continuing theme considered at Davos has been the existential threat to the human race that climate change presents. One of the key players at the 2024 World Economic Forum meeting last week was John Kerry, the climate change “czar” in the Biden Administration, whose own carbon footprint with his private plane must contribute hugely to the problem of climate change.

But Kerry’s performance was overshadowed this year by that of a shaman from Brazil who participated at the end of a plenary session Wednesday, January 17 titled “Climate and Nature:  A Systemic Response is Needed.”

The shaman was Chieftess Putanny Yawanawa from the Amazonian Yawanawa tribe located in the Acre region of northwest Brazil.

Among the participants sitting on the stage during her ritual were the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva; the president of the World Bank, Ajay Bana; the chief executive officer of the furniture and home accessories conglomerate IKEA, Jesper Brodin; and Swiss billionaire Andre Hoffmann.

To fully understand the climate change crowd, you have to comprehend that the global warming issue has become a full-blown religion. It follows the religious theme of Creation, Fall, and Redemption.  Creation is the goddess, Mother Earth; the Fall is the sin of pollution resulting from too many people emitting too much carbon from fossil fuels; and Redemption arrives with a smaller population renouncing the sin of depending upon fossil fuels and changing to green energy.

This religion was on full display when, before performing the shamanic rite described below, Ms. Yawanawa stated (in Portuguese, through and English interpreter) that “we can join our hands, unite our hearts, unite our thoughts in the same direction, for the healing of the planet and spiritual healing.”  She added:  “and when we are all united in our hearts and thoughts, our mother earth will listen to us.”

After making some invocations while rubbing her hands together, Ms. Yawanawa went before each of the participants seated on the stage. She then took the head of each participant in her hands and blew loudly on their forehead.

Videos of the proceedings of this new climate change religion indicated that each of the participants seemed pleased to be thus blessed.

In the audience, former U.S. vice president Al Gore was one of the first to rise to give her a standing ovation.

(The performance begins at about 1:01:30 of the World Economic Forum meeting video.)

The host for the event justified the ministrations of the shaman by stating that “to look to the future we must look back and see what the wishes of our ancestors were.”

Has the West regressed 2,000 years to the paganism that existed in the Roman Empire before the birth of Jesus Christ? What in the world is a shaman doing on the stage in Davos performing a pagan ritual before leading figures in the West?

How exactly does one become a shaman in this Amazonian tribe?

According to people who have apparently looked into this topic (here and here), a shaman in the Yawanawa tradition must undergo a strict initiation ritual that lasts for a year or longer. Central to the initiation is eating the Muka plant. This apparently gives spiritual powers and access to spirits to initiates who seek to be shamans. This diet lasts for a year during which the candidate must isolate himself or herself from the community and go into the forest. During this year, the candidate cannot have sex or eat food with salt or sugar (like fruits). Only certain plants can be eaten. This helps the candidate receive teachings and powers from the spirits, which may come from dreams and trances. This year-long intense experience reconfigures the body to make contact with spirits who grant shamanic powers. After a year, the shaman is initiated by the elders and becomes the spiritual leader of the tribe.

This year-long initiation is evidently what Ms. Putanny went through before assuming the powers of a shaman. These powers were then used at Davos to bless some of the alleged leaders of the globe.

What has happened to the West? The participants at Davos are meant to represent the cream of the crop of Western civilization. And they turn to a pagan shaman from the Amazon to heal Mother Earth!

Would a Catholic priest been allowed to bless the participants flourishing a cross? Horrors! Or a Pentecostal Evangelical who asked the Holy Spirit to give wisdom to the participant?

The march of progress of Western civilization, which has been based on Judeo-Christian values for the past two millennia, is in danger of coming to an end. Pagan shamanic rites chosen by elites to bless an event at Davos are the foreshadowing of the barbarians coming over the gates.

And the barbarians are the participants at Davos.


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