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Alex Morse Received More Than 1,200 Write-In Votes In General Election

December 2, 2020

The mayor of Holyoke didn’t asked for it, but some people supported him in November nonetheless. 

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, a Democrat, challenged U.S. Representative Richard Neal (D-Springfield) from the left in the Democratic primary this past September, receiving 41.2 percent of the vote while Neal got 58.6 percent.

In the general election Neal ran unopposed, but Morse received the second highest amount of votes. In all, Morse received at least 1,274 write-in votes. Neal won the race with 275,376 votes, according to the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office.

During the primary, Morse supported Medicare-for-All, the Green New Deal, student loan debt forgiveness, and reparations for slavery.



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