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Bernie Sanders Says People Like Trump Because The Status Quo Fails People

February 26, 2024

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), who is no fan of former President Donald Trump, thinks that Trump appeals to people because the status quo is failing the American people.

It’s an assertion Sanders made in a recent interview with The Irish Times, before slamming Trump.

“I have said many, many times that the working class people who support Trump don’t do it because he wants to give tax breaks to billionaires,” Sanders told The Irish Times. “They don’t do it because he is anti-union, or he wants to cut back on education. There is a vacuum in American politics. You’re seeing that all over Europe as well. If you’re an average working person, and government is not working for you, you are resentful, you’re tired of the status quo, you want change.

“Trump is promising change,” he added. “It is a dark change. It is an anti-democratic change. It is a change in support of autocracy but [to] the disenfranchised he’s saying:  ‘The system is not working for you. Give me the power. I’ll make things happen. And by the way, the reason that you can’t afford health care, that you’re not making any money, it’s the immigrants, or it’s the gay community, or it’s women. Those are your enemies.’ Meanwhile, he’ll get huge amounts of money from the rich and the powerful.”

Although Sanders says he thinks the government is not working for ordinary people, he is supporting President Joe Biden’s re-election bid.


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