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Biological Male Identifying As Female Wins Vermont Legislature Seat

November 6, 2020

Soon , there will be an openly transgender member of the Vermont legislature.

Taylor Small, a 26-year-old man biological male who identifies as a woman, won a seat representing Chittenden 6-7 district in the Vermont House of Representatives this week.

Small, a Democrat, finished second behind another Democrat, but since there were two seats available, Small won one of them.

In response to the news of the win, Small tweeted out, “With and 43% and 41% of the vote respectively in Winooski, Hal Colston and I will be headed to Montpelier! Thank you, everyone!”

Chittenden 6-7 includes the city of Winooski and a portion of the city of Burlington.

Small’s platform calls for cutting funding for the Vermont State Police by 30 percent, according to Small’s web site.



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