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Brockton Police Chief Saves Baby

October 10, 2020

Brockton’s police cleared the air passageway of a 3-month-old baby girl who was choking and non-responsive.

Emanuel Gomes, the city’s chief of police, was tending to business on the south side of the city in a marked cruiser Thursday morning when he heard a radio call about a baby choking. He headed for the home, and he was the first one to get there, he later told reporters.

“The child was limp. I quickly turned the child around and gave it some back blows to free up anything that might have been causing an obstruction. Then I did a finger sweep through the baby’s mouth and pulled out what turned out to be a large piece of mucus that was clearly in the back of her mouth,” Gomes said, according to The Brockton Enterprise.

The mother of the baby credits the police chief with saving her daughter Audrey’s life.

The incident took place Thursday, October 8. The baby was kept overnight in a hospital as a precaution and then released on Friday, October 9.



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