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Charlie Baker Could Still Appoint A Republican U.S. Senator for Massachusetts If Warren or Markey Joins A Biden Administration

November 15, 2020

If either U.S. senator representing Massachusetts takes a job in a Joe Biden administration, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker would still get to appoint the temporary replacement.

It’s a topic that came up during the Massachusetts House of Representatives’ consideration of 777 budget amendments this past week. House leaders decided not to try to take that power away from the governor, as Mike Deehan of GBH News reports. Baker would have reportedly vetoed the proposal, although there would have been enough Democrats in the legislature to override that veto, if they voted as a bloc.

A Republican, Baker could appoint a Republican replacement. However, in previous years, the governor’s Senate appointment has not run in the special election that followed the appointment. That includes Mo Cowan and Paul Kirk, both appointed by former Governor Deval Patrick.



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