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Charlie Baker Disagrees With Maura Healey On Mandatory Vaccinations For State Employees

May 6, 2021

Will Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker force someone to jab you with a COVID-19 vaccine?

No, he will not. The governor stated earlier this week that he doesn’t support mandatory vaccinations, including mandatory vaccinations for public employees.

“The idea that I would kick somebody out of a job — especially in a kind of economy we have now — because, quote unquote, they wouldn’t get vaccinated right away on an [Emergency Use Authorization]-approved vaccine … No, I’m not gonna play that game,” he said, according to

That puts Baker, a Republican, at odds with the state’s Attorney General, Maura Healey, a Democrat, who wants COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for public employees.

“You’re getting paid by the taxpayer — you have an obligation, whether it’s delivering public health or public safety,” Healey told GBH Radio last week. “You’re interacting with the public. That’s a part of your job, by definition.”



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