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College In Rhode Island To Offer Cannabis-Related Major

December 3, 2020

It will soon be possible to go to college for marijuana in Rhode Island.

In the fall 2021 semester, Johnson & Wales University will begin a bachelor’s degree program in Cannabis Entrepreneurship, according to a press release from the university.

The focus will be on building a business in the cannabis industry.

“Students pursuing this major will explore the foundations of entrepreneurship to learn how to create and launch a business (or work within an established company) that develops non-psychoactive cannabis products from seed to distribution,” the press release says. “The program, which explores the various CBDs (cannibidiols) found in the cannabis plant, biomass for use in textile industry, biomaterial fabrication, and other economically fast growing related industries, provides opportunities for students to be competitive in various aspects of the cannabis industry, such as plant cultivation, CBD extraction processes, and cannabis product retail.”



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