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Conservative Columnist Slams Physician-Assisted Suicide Proposal In Massachusetts

October 12, 2021

The Boston Globe has a conservative columnist — and he is not a fan of physician-assisted suicide.

Jeff Jacoby slammed efforts from lawmakers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to legalize physician-assisted suicide  (S. 1384/H. 2381) , something that voters rejected 51 percent to 49 percent at the ballot in 2012.

“A civilized society does not encourage depressed or despairing people to kill themselves,” Jacoby wrote. “It tries to prevent them from doing so, which is why suicide hotlines have counselors on call 24/7. We rightly regard the recent surge in suicides among young Americans as a national calamity. We instinctively recognize that it is monstrous to urge the vulnerable, fearful, or hopeless to take their own lives. There have always been individuals who decided their lives were no longer worth living, but our culture is to see such decisions as tragic and to grieve for them — not to embrace them as a path to dignity or as a prudent solution to the sorrows of old age or sickness.”


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