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Democrats Dominating Early Voting In Maine

October 17, 2020

Democrats are voting early in Maine in big numbers.

In Maine, more than 133,000 people have already voted using absentee ballots, and the overwhelming majority of early voters are Democrats, as The Associated Press reports.

As of Tuesday, October 13, Democrats had already turned in around 78,000 ballots compared to just 24,000 for Republicans. Thus far, Democrats have requested 188,280 ballots while Republicans have requested just 67,405.

Maine’s Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap (a Democrat) has reportedly said that he expects that as many as 500,000 to 600,000 ballots could be cast remotely out of the state’s 1.06 million registered voters.

Joe Biden is the favorite to win Maine at large in the general election, but in 3026 President Donald Trump won one of the state’s four electoral votes by coming out on top in the in the state’s second congressional district. It was the first New England electoral vote for a Republican since George W. Bush won New Hampshire in 2000 by 1.27 percentage points.



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