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Early Voting Starts On Wednesday In Rhode Island, But You’ll Need Identification

October 13, 2020

Early voting for the 2020 general election in Rhode Island is set to begin this week.

The first day of early voting in the state is Wednesday, October 14. Early voting is scheduled to continue until Monday, November 2 — one day before the Tuesday, November 3 general election, as Ballotpedia points out.

In the presidential election, Rhode Island is a safe Democratic state. The last time Rhode Island voted for a Republican for president was 1984, when President Ronald Reagan defeated Walter Mondale in the state, 51.7 to 48 percent.

In 2020, the Democrat, former vice president Joe Biden, will likely win in a landslide.

Those who want to vote early in Rhode Island will have to prove they are who they say they are, though. Rhode Island requires a photo ID to vote.



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