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Elizabeth Warren Comes Out In Favor of Ranked-Choice Voting

September 22, 2020

Elizabeth Warren favors ranked-choice voting.

The Democratic Massachusetts senator came out in favor of in an op-ed for the Boston Globe that features her name and U.S. Representative Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, as a shared byline.

“By requiring the winner to reach more than 50 percent of the vote, ranked choice voting ensures the winning candidate is the one with the broadest appeal to the majority of voters,” the column states, in part. “The ability to mobilize the broadest and deepest appeal across the electorate would replace the ability to target a passionate minority constituency, which may be extreme or nonrepresentative from the standpoint of most voters as the key to winning.”

The column was published Friday, September 18.

The last ranked-choice voting opinion poll in Massachusetts was conducted by MassInc., came out in August and found that 36 percent of voters supported the ballot measure this upcoming November and another 36 opposed it.



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