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Hands-Free Driving Law Takes Full Effect in Massachusetts

April 1, 2020

Now, people who have their cell phone in their hand when driving in Massachusetts are under threat of hefty fines. The state’s distracted driving law officially took effect on Wednesday, April 1, as CBS Boston reports.

From February 23, when the law went into effect, to March 31, offenders were supposed to receive a warning if stopped by police. Now, however, they are supposed to be fined.

A first-time offense carries a $100 fine. A second-time offense carries a $250. For third-time and subsequent offenses, the fine is $500.

“Massachusetts State Police said drivers may only use their phones to activate the hands-free mode with a touch, tap or swipe of the phone or to call 911 in an emergency,” according to CBS Boston.

Drivers can legally use their cell phone as a Global Positioning System now only if it is mounted to their windshield or dashboard.



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