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Here’s What Bernie Sanders Wants Done On Health Care Over The Next Two Years

February 22, 2023

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) understands that America won’t have single-payer health care anytime soon.

So what does Sanders want the federal government to do on health care over the next two years?

Sanders laid out his priorities in a recent interview with NPR.

Here is what he said:


What I want to see, a Medicare-for-all system, ain’t going to happen. No Republicans support it. Half the Democrats won’t support it. But this is what we can do:  We can expand primary health care and community health centers to every region of the country … We now have 30 million people accessing community health centers … You walk into a community health center, you get affordable health care, dental care… mental health counseling, and low cost prescription drugs. Republicans understand that in red states it is very hard often for people to access a doctor.


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