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Ice Cream Shop Owner Has A Message For Online Mask-Busybodies

August 5, 2020

An ice cream shop owner is offering a free ice cream cone to boys who were photographed outside the shop and then Facebooked for not wearing masks and not maintaining enough social distancing to satisfy a socially concerned citizen.

“Please stop with the mask drama,” wrote Arielle Wolfe, owner of Stillwells Riverwalk Ice Cream, of Exeter, New Hampshire, on the store’s Facebook page Tuesday, August 4. “We can not control what people are or are not wearing on a public sidewalk.”

She continued in all capital letters:

“Stillwells is not the dictator of Water Street. Do not send us pictures of the local youth sports teams trying to enjoy a treat after practice and complain about them. They are kids trying to enjoy themselves.”

Wolfe told The Union Leader that she doesn’t know who the kids are, but hopes that they’ll hear about the offer and come back.



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