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Jake Auchincloss Apologizes For Decade-Old Facebook Post Mentioning Burning The Quran

August 5, 2020

Newton City Councilor Jake Auchincloss wrote a Facebook post a decade ago where he mentioned burning the Quran, and he recently apologized for it.

Auchincloss, one of the frontrunners in the Democratic primary in the race to represent the Massachusetts Fourth Congressional District, was recently criticized for the old post.

In 2010, he shared a link on Facebook to a story about Pakistani lawyers burning the American flag and wrote, “So we can’t burn their book, but they can burn our flag?” 

Politico reported the Facebook post Friday, July 31. Auchincloss issued a statement apologizing for it Wednesday, August 5.

“As a white man, I recognize that I need to interrogate my own privilege,” he said in a statement, according to WPRI. “I’ve gotten this wrong, years ago, in tone-deaf social media posts that could cause offense to Indigenous and Muslim communities. I’m sorry for these comments — I regret them, and I’ve learned from them.”



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