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Jake Auchincloss Releases Statement On Democratic Primary Win

September 4, 2020

Newton city councilor Jake Auchincloss defeated former Brookline selectman and Planned Parenthood employee Jesse Mermell in a crowded Democratic primary in Massachusetts’s Fourth Congressional District earlier this week — though the race wasn’t called until this morning.

Auchincloss was finally declared the winner in the nine-way race (seven candidates still actively running at the time) on Friday, September 4 He received 22.4 percent of the vote to Mermell’s 21.1 percent, as the Associated Press reports.

The 32-year-old ex-Marine declared victory on Twitter overnight. Here is what he had to say in an 11 tweet thread:

“In the depths of another crisis, when America had just entered WWII, a poor Jewish kid walked into a Marine recruiting office,” he wrote. “That kid was my grandfather.

“America saw potential in him and sent him to college. It changed his life, and mine. I joined this race to help make that story of opportunity a reality for this generation of Americans. And tonight, we’ve taken a step forward. 
“I’m honored that the people of #MA04 have chosen me as the Democratic nominee for Congress. We won 25 of the 34 cities and towns across the district, a testament to the strong, full-district campaign we built. 
“My deepest gratitude goes out to the voters who placed their confidence in my capacity to drive progress — and to the volunteers and supporters who shared our message across their cities and towns.
“I’d also like to thank my fellow candidates. These talented, hardworking individuals campaigned during unprecedented times with passion and purpose.
“In doing so, they elevated the stories of working families in need, placed a spotlight on injustices that must be resolved, and crafted solutions that can help fix today’s crises. I hope to partner with them for years to come.
“I’d like to especially thank Jesse Mermell. This race was close, and I’m proud to have run alongside her.
“To my family, most especially my wife, Michelle, and my son, Teddy:  it is a joy to share this journey with you. I am indebted to you for your patience and support during a difficult year. I love you.
“Though this is a moment of celebration, our campaign is not over. Let’s unite now, as Democrats, to win on November 3rd — both here and across the nation. We must defeat the Republican nominee, a Trump Republican.
“We must rally behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to defeat the Trump agenda and get to work rebuilding this country:  its institutions, its confidence, and its commitment to justice.
“That work starts here at home. There’s much to be done across our district, and it should begin by focusing on an inclusive and equitable economic recovery for all of the Massachusetts Fourth. We must leave no one behind.”



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