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Maine Doubles Heat Pump Rebate Program To Try To Combat Climate Change

January 15, 2020

Buying a heat pump in Maine is about to become less expensive thanks to a government subsidy.

Maine Governor Janet Mills announced Tuesday she wants the state to have 100,000 heat pumps installed by 2025. To do so, the state will offer enhanced rebates through the Efficiency Maine Trust fund, according to WGME.

The organization says energy-efficient heat pumps will save home owners an average of $300 to $600 per year while reducing carbon emissions.

“Supporting energy and increasing energy efficiency programs has been and will continue to be a priority for this administration because we know that our future depends on the actions we take now to address the climate change while creating green collar jobs that move our economy forward,” Mills said, according to WGME.

Now, those who have one indoor heat pump unit installed will receive a $1,000 rebate — double the previous $500 rebate. The catch is a home owner has to get a high-performance heat pump in a house that does not use natural gas to qualify for this rebate.

Additionally, if a home has a second unit installed, the home owner would receive a $500 rebate — an increase over the previous $250 rebate.

According to Efficiency Maine, in the past five years more than 45,000 ductless heat pumps have been installed in Maine homes and businesses.



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