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Milk Deliveries Rising In Connecticut

April 3, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is causing a resurgence in … milk deliveries. 

Mountain Dairy, based in Storrs, Connecticut, restarted its milk delivery service to keep the business afloat. The service will cover at least 27 towns in the state, according to Yahoo News.

Back in 2012, the farm stopped its milk delivery service after more than 140 years of providing it. However, the farm in question long predates its milk delivery service; it was founded in 1771.

Monday, March 30 was its first day back, and there were 27 deliveries. However, the trucks the farm is using are capable of making more than 200 deliveries per day.

In addition to milk the farm is also offering dairy items made on site, eggs, orange juice, and bottled water.

The company’s former milkman, Corey Thatcher, has gone back to his old duties.

“It’s amazing how many people still have their old milk boxes,” Mountain Dairy spokesman Lisa Stearns told Yahoo News. “They also remember Corey from when they had delivery before.”



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