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Mitt Romney Says Charlie Baker Is Part of the Future of the GOP

January 26, 2021

If you listen to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, now a Republican U.S. Senator representing Utah, then the Republican Party may look more like current Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker moving forward.

At least that’s what Romney said in a recent interview with Chris Wallace of FOX News.

“There are going to be new faces that are going to be the spokespeople for our party and their own vision,” Romney said, according to “That can be Larry Hogan, it can be Charlie Baker, it could be Marco Rubio … or Ben Sasse. So there will be some new faces. President Trump of course will continue to have influence. But I think our party is going to return to some of our more fundamental principles — which is fiscal responsibility, believing in the importance of character, standing with our allies, and pushing back against people like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin.”



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