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More Office Hours, Massachusetts Democratic Candidate for Congress Promises

July 17, 2020

If elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, Brookline resident Dave Cavell wants to make his team accessible to people in the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts.

The Cavell campaign put out a press release on Thursday, July 16 announcing that Cavell wants to establish five traveling offices in the district so that people who live in it will be within 20 minutes of a location at least once a week. Cavell’s staff and Cavell himself, when possible, would be available at these locations.

“When it comes to reaching every single person across this diverse district, a couple coffees a year is not going to cut it,” Cavell said in the press release. “It’s easy to pay lip service to diversity and accessibility, but we need more than just office hours — we need a consistent presence.” 

The press release said that the Fourth district currently only has two office locations:  one in Newton and another in Attleboro.