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Most Massachusetts Residents Think Migrant Crisis Is A Serious Political Problem

April 17, 2024

The current migrant situation is viewed as either a crisis or a major problem by 67 percent of Massachusetts residents, according to a newly released MassInc poll.

“These poll results come as no surprise,” MassGOP chairman Amy Carnevale said in a press release. “The Healey-Driscoll Administration, along with the Democratic supermajority in the legislature, have been exacerbating the crisis. The vast majority of other states aren’t dealing with the same impacts of the immigration crisis because Massachusetts Democratic leaders refuse to limit the right to shelter law to serve longstanding Massachusetts residents as it was originally intended.”

“Repeatedly, Republicans have proposed solutions to the crisis, such as restricting the program to residents who have lived in the Commonwealth for over six months, yet Democrats continue to shoot these proposals down,” she added. “If Democrats would consider Republican solutions, we wouldn’t be in this crisis. At this point, the resolution to this crisis lies in the hands of the voters. It’s straightforward:  if you seek a solution to the migrant crisis, vote Republican.”

The migrant crisis has been fueled, in part, by the state’s right-to-shelter law.

The statute guarantees emergency assistance shelter at state government expense for families and pregnant women.

The lack of a residency requirement attached to the law has been a focal point in the news for the past several months, as migrants, primarily from Haiti, have come to Massachusetts and received state-funded shelter, including hotel rooms.


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