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Mother of Four Babies Found Dead In Freezer In South Boston Won’t Be Charged, District Attorney Says

April 30, 2024

The woman who gave birth to four babies whose bodies were found in her freezer in South Boston will not be charged with a crime because investigators can’t determine if the babies were born alive or what happened to them, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office said.

DNA testing determined that the mother of the babies is Alexis Aldamir, 69, who lived at 838 East Broadway in South Boston from about April 1982 until shortly before her brother and his wife discovered the bodies of the babies frozen solid in the freezer on November 17, 2022, the county’s chief prosecutor said.

Aldamir had five children with the same man, whom prosecutors did not identify. She gave one of the children up for adoption; the bodies of the other four she kept in the freezer. The man has since died.

“Co-workers who spoke with investigators described Alexis Aldamir as a hard worker who rarely took vacations. They also said she was a heavy-set woman who had a penchant for wearing loose-fitting clothing regardless of the season. None of Aldamir’s co-workers knew her to be pregnant at any point,” the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office said in the written statement released Tuesday, April 30.

Aldamir, who lives in health care facility, has severe memory loss, investigators said, citing a visit in late 2022.

“Throughout the interview Aldamir appeared confused and demonstrated a lack of understanding about where she was and who she was speaking to. As a result, she was unable to provide investigators with any significant information,” the district attorney’s statement says.

Because of her condition it’s unlikely she would be able to stand trial, prosecutors say.

Despite the discovery of fully formed full-term babies, the district attorney’s office said:  “In this case, investigators cannot prove that the babies were ever alive …”

Investigators, the statement says, also “have no cause or manner of death.”


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