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Nancy Pelosi Backs Joe Kennedy III In U.S. Senate Race

August 21, 2020

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has endorsed U.S. Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III over incumbent U.S. Senator Ed Markey — outraging party activists on the left who note that party officials have sought to punish supporters of primary challengers against Democratic incumbents.
Kennedy is seeking the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate over Markey, who has held the seat since 2013.
“Never before have the times demanded we elect courageous leaders as today. That is why I’m proud to endorse Joe Kennedy for Senate,” Pelosi said in an endorsement video put out by Kennedy’s campaign on Thursday, August 20, according to CNN.
“Massachusetts and America need Joe Kennedy’s courage and leadership in the Senate to fight for the change we need,” she added.
Kennedy and Markey essentially agree on the issues. Markey has touted his commitment and experience, while Kennedy has stressed what he describes as his stronger capability to effect change.



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