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New Hampshire GOP Primary Voters Not Particularly Pro-Life

November 24, 2023

The Republican primary voter base in New Hampshire is not particularly pro-life.

Asked if they would support candidates backing even a 15-week gestational limit on abortion federally, only a plurality (47 percent) of likely New Hampshire GOP primary voters supported the idea, according to a recent CNN poll. Meanwhile, 14 percent said they were neutral on the matter, while 38 percent opposed it. Abortion is generally legal up until 24 weeks in New Hampshire.

A 15-week gestational limit federally is unlikely to become law anytime soon. It would require 60 votes in the U.S. Senate, a body which Democrats, who nearly universally support no gestational limit on abortion, control 51-49.

About 93 percent of all abortions in the United States occur during  the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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