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New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu Says All Public Schools Must Offer Five Days Per Week of In-Person Schooling Starting Monday, April 19

April 2, 2021

Want to send your kids to in-person schooling five days per week?

In New Hampshire, offering it ill soon be a requirement for all K-12 school districts. The state’s Republican governor, Chris Sununu, says that by Monday, April 19, every school must do it. Currently, it’s the case for 60 percent of schools in the state — and all of them offer at least two days per week of in-person education.

“We just know we have to get our kids back into schools, not just for educational reasons, for mental health reasons, for socialization,” Sununu said, according to WMUR. “During the crisis, remote learning was a good backstop, but it doesn’t come nearly close to providing the fulfillment and enrichment that being in the classroom does.”



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